You did it、Zelinda!

Today Zelinda finally left the ARK centre.
Her new adoptive parents are also the owners of her father, Zara.

It was three years ago that the sisters Zelinda & Zelda were left living at the centre after their mother Zandra, and father Zara, were adopted.
In December last year Zelda was finally adopted, but this left Zerinda on her own.
Zara’s adoptive parents worried about the situation as if their own daughter had been left behind, and decided in the end to welcome Zerinda into their family.

Both Zara and Zerinda seemed incredibly happy, wagging their tails and greeting each other with glistening noses.

Of course Zara’s trump card had also been passed down to Zerinda.
Although she gets in a temper when put into a new situation, upon being shown a tasty snack she immediately gave a succession of high fives.
It seemed Zara had already lost ground!
We are really looking forward to see how the relationship between the father and daughter will develop from now on.

Zerinda is a big cross-breed, who was shy in front of strangers, a scaredy-cat, and so-called “hard to adopt”. Previously when introduced to foster parents she would refuse to go for a walk, too shy to show her affection, but when seeing this Zerinda now demanding attention, excitedly trying to get people to play, the amount of love we felt for her was unbearable.
There were times we almost gave up on her, but the long awaited day of her adoption finally came!
We are very grateful to her new foster parents.

We were also able to re-home Vivi, who after being bullied by nasu and kyu had been living on her own.

We experience plenty of both happy and sad moments, but when we have days like this it really encourages us to keep on doing our best for all the animals!

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