Brown Puppies!

Five brown puppies came to ARK on Feb. 17, 2013. There are 3 boys and 2 girls.
The all look fit and their faces are all…funny (in a good way !)


The rescuer told us that the puppies seemed to be just a few days old when they were rescued with their mother on Dec 6, 2012.
This is the picture taken back then.
Their eyes were not open yet.

Since then, these puppies have been well taken care of by people and their mother. The 5 puppies are bright and super friendly to humans and dogs.
When somebody comes to their kennel they are overjoyed.

When the photographer, Kyoko Harada, came into their kennel they went crazy!…
Kyoko was welcomed a little too much..!

They are growing and the male dog’s play-fighting is getting stronger.
So we asked our “DOG” trainer to start training and socializing them.
Let’s see how the training is going!

First, the biggest puppy is Primo.
”Me, me me----

Primo looks like a Shar Pei. His loose skin prevents him from injury even if he is pulled hard by the others.
When he looks down you can see why we say he looks like a Shar Pei…
He looks like this!

Now he is being trained by our famous puppy trainer Astro and a human lover, Yoshirin.
Primo is very sociable. Astro, who is really good with puppies, likes calm Primo already.
Primo is not afraid of children and can walk with anybody. His body is a bit big but he is easy to take care of♪

The next one is timid Alto.
“Who? Me?”

Timid Alto is living with model-like Guiness and handsome Menphis.
Well, he may still hesitate a bit… There seems to be some distance between him and his big brothers…
When he is with his siblings, he would try new things, but tended to fail.
Sometimes he does not want to walk with people he met for the first time.
We hope he will find his own home soon and settle down.

Tempo is living with the girls, Dorce and Poko, peacefully.
(From the left, Poko, Dorce, Tempo)

Tempo is the strongest boy of the siblings when they fight, but he is also the most spoiled one.
He likes climbing up on laps.
“Because I have never been alone"

Poko is a smart girl and easily learned to follow commands like ‘Sit’.
She spontaneously reaches her paw out for treats and also did a “give me some” performance today☆
”Come one, give me sooooome"

Dorce is easygoing and does not join the fights.
She loves people and climbs up on laps to lick the staff member’s faces.
Look at the difference between her usual face and her smile, So cute☆

These 5 brown puppies are adorable and bright. But we did not have any offer for them yet!! Why not? Is it because their body color is so simple and brown only? Or because of their funny faces..? Please come see them and play with them♪ You will see how adorable they are!

“Looking forward to seeing you

From 2nd Mar to 28th Apr.: ARK photo exhibit at Harmonic House in Hirakata Kagu Danchi☆

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