Adoption event report☆at GREENDOG on the 10th of Feb. (Sun)

We usually hold an event in even-numbered months at GEORGE Osaka. But this time, we were at Kobe GREENDOG. Due to the date/place change, we also changed the participants at the last minute. So how was the event?

First, our featured cat, Fleaur
As reported in a blog article, Fleaur is good at adjusting to a new environment.
She ate all her meal just after we arrived at the event. She slept well in her cage, was rubbed by guests and came out from her bed in the afternoon for another meal. “Meow (I’m hungry)”!
Staff members were all impressed by her…
Sleeping so well with half opened eyes!…

No offer for cat adoptions this time. But now we can easily imagine how she can adjust to a new life. We can recommend her to anybody♪
“Feeling good and full♪”

Beagle Maybe really enjoyed being outside the shelter.
She came to ARK just 10 days ago, but already was assigned to the event!
She loves people and loves playing with other dogs. She kept running around during the event.
”She was abandoned when she was 7 months old.” “We heard she was so skinny back then…” We told sad stories about her, but it was hard to imagine her sad past given how happy she looked running around the event.
She is just one year old and never gets tired. Astro was the only one who could play with her, but even he gave up in the end. Finally, Maybe had to play with a dog bed, angrily…
“Wake up, bed! Fight me back!”

Oh, one good thing we discovered is that she used the toilet sheet 3 times during the event. She was praised and made no mistakes!

Instead of Grizzly who was originally planned to join the event, Astro was signed up for the event at the last minute.
He climbed up on a volunteer to get more attention.

Astro is always good at training puppies.
He never got mad at Maybe even though she was persistent and they’d just met for the first time. He played with Maybe patiently and looked more handsome than usual☆

Astro licked a baby’s face. Yes, he loves people too!
He is getting older and getting calmer. We hope to find him a forever family to live with soon.
Astro was a good boy and waited to go outside for his toilet business.

Okowa was walking around looking for treats and was almost stepped on by Maybe.
Okowa is not young any more, but never took a nap and did some “self-promotion” to get some treats.

She was also held by a child who was overwhelmed by Maybe. “Okowa is much cuter,” she said!
But actually, Okowa is not good at being held. She just froze!

She was so hyper at the event that she slept all the day next day.

And from the recent featured Team -Dachs, Prism and RedKing joined.
We are Power Rangers! Blue & Red!

We were surprised to see that Red King was more curious than Prism. While Red King was walking around, Prism was in the corner and never moved.
But when we pick him up to pass him to the guests… Prism was the most popular one and he was held calmly.
We are expecting one family to come to Nose to meet him again.
Looking forward to seeing them again♪

And adorable droopy eyed Red King was also held by many people and called cute many times.
Red King is going to become an addition to a family who came to the ARK shelter the next day.
We will love him as much as possible until his new family comes to pick him up♪

A couple of former ARK dogs visited the event. We were so happy to see Squib’s change.
Squib was more timid than Prism and Red King. He has learned so much in the two weeks since he was adopted. Now he can be held by anyone.
Having his own family changed him a lot.
It was a great chance for the visitors who came to see Prism and Red King to see how much a dog can change once adopted.
Playing with a staff member…

Andromeda who was never shy to other dogs and Garollet who is shy around dogs.
Both were adopted by GREENDOG’s staff. We are so happy to see them at the events♪

It was a successful day.
Thank you so much to everyone for coming and to the volunteers! Also we appreciate GREENDOG who kindly accepted the sudden change about the event!!!

The next adoption event will be on 24th Mar (Sun).
It will be called “Inu zukushi no hi (Full of doggies day)” in Southern Mall Rokko where GREENDOG is located. Please come stop by!

On Feb. 24th (Sun) Adoption event at DOGSIGN in Jingumae, Tokyo☆

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