Nano and Piko

We got a call in August 2012 saying some puppies had been abandoned in a parking lot of a cemetery. All of them were females and all looked like they would be big dogs. We have heard that male puppies are more popular than female puppies in the countryside because people worry about the female getting pregnant. Sadly, spaying is not yet common in the countryside.

Probably these puppies were abandoned after male ones were adopted.
ARK planned to take them all in for spaying, but the woman who found them found new families for two of them. She promised to make sure they got spayed.

The two remaining, Nano and Piko, came to ARK. They were around 4 months old at the time.
Their paws looked like baseball gloves! We were sure they were going to be big dogs.

Piko’s back legs make her look like she has some Shepherd in her.

Nano has a gentle and sweet look. Maybe Tervuren in you?

Both were cheerful and energetic little puppies. We thought they would be adopted soon.♪ But it’s been 5 months already and they are both still living in ARK.

Now they are about 9 months old and they weigh over 17 kilos. Look at them!

Both are really smart which makes us again think they have some Shepherd in them. They know who is taking them on walks. During their walks they are learning not to pull on the leash and not to bark at other dogs.
One thing that we worry about is that they haven’t put on much weight. Maybe they get too excited at ARK. Shepherds are loyal and smart. We are sure they will be good girls if they get to have their own families.

Ms.Oliver thought they need more exercise so we took them to dog-run at Sasayama, new shelter construction site.


They live in separate kennels at ARK because they get too excited when they are together. They had a lot of fun running after each other at the dog run♪


One staff member, who usually does not take care of them, tried to walk Nano to see if she pulls on the leash.
Nano always looks back when you call her name♪

She was a good girl throughout the walk. She did not care about other dogs that barked at her. When she saw a little bird, Nano sniffed a little.
When someone gave her a little stick, she put it in her mouth and walked. I said you are such a cutie many times.

“I love to walk on snow”

We knew that Piko gets along with children from the Adoption event. We believe it is time for them to be adopted. If you are looking for a big dog please come to ARK and see them. They will make loving family members!

“I’ll be a good girl!”

ARK photo exhibit in Shiga : Open on Sat, Sun & national holidays☆

Donation Request: The 18 dachshunds eat pH controlled dog food due to struvite crystals formation. If you have extra at home, please send some to ARK!

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