Adoption event report☆at GREENDOG on the 6th of Jan. (Sun)

A little bit late to say this but…… Happy New Year!
How were your holidays?
During this holiday season, many visitors came to ARK and many animals found their new homes! Many thanks to the adopters and we wish you and your new family member from ARK a wonderful life ahead!

We had our first adoption event of 2013 at GREENDOG Kobe.
We did not expect many visitors because that day was the last day of the school holidays.
But, to our surprise, we had so many visitors our questionnaires ran out! (Sorry to those who did not get one). We are so grateful to have so many people who want to adopt our animals.

Since we were busier than expected, we didn’t have enough time to take many pictures, but we will show you a few that we did get♪

From the Dax rescue, the slowest one “Squib”, timid one “Tristram” and cute one “Miniver” joined the event.


Squib is a big eater. He is still shy, but he could eat food from a visitor’s hand.
He is getting used to people at ARK and the event was a good chance for him to socialize.

Tristram played a chasing game with a staff member who took care of him for a short period. If he is rehomed, he will get along with the new owner really soon.

This time, Miniver was the most popular and many people offered to adopt her. One of the families will come to ARK for adoption procedures. Congrats, Miniver!!

This dachshund family has 9 females and 9 males, and 9 black-tans. A well-balanced family! The black and tan faces are so beautiful. The brown faces are so cute and the staff members adore them.

And from Team Puppies, “Black Bess” and “Gallorette” joined.

They were a bit nervous because it was their first time out in the town.
Both were not too timid and could eat food during the event. It was a great socializing experience for little puppies.

They got so tired and finally fell asleep! (Miniver loves puppies and slept together with them♪)

And Gallorette found her new family at the event!
She was adopted by a staff member of GREENDOG. We are looking forward to seeing her at the events in the future♪

Kinchaku" kept playing with a toy by himself.

He wore a tie for the event, but there was no offer for him…
Is it because he is a bit bigger than the average Yorkshire Terrier? Or because he is older than the dachshunds?
I know you were pushed out of a staff member’s apartment when the dachshund family was taken in, but hang in there! We can wait at ARK until someone comes to pick you up!

Our medium sized rep was "Sirius".

Although he is considered medium sized, he is a bit on the small side. We thought Sirius would find a forever family quickly, but he gives a bad impression to visitors at ARK when he barks over the fence. He joined the event for the first time and was a little timid. He quietly tried to get attention. He showed off his belly and let children touch him. We are now confident that he is a dog we can recommend without hesitation. One staff member even commented that he is so adorable….

You are such a cutie, Sirius. We will find your forever home♪

And the cat team was “Nion”&”Beith”, two sisters.

They are already 7 months old and it is natural if they are sensitive to environmental changes. But attending the event was no problem for them. They ate their meals and even eyed the dog food!

“Give me some!”

No visitors were looking for cats this time. But we can recommend them to a first time owner as they are not shy at all.

It was the first time in a long time to have so many visitors at the event.
We hope many people will come to our Adoption event at GEORGE Osaka in February too.
Thank you so much to all the visitors and to the GREENDOG staff!
We will be back in March♪

ARK photo exhibit in Shiga : Open on Sat, Sun & national holidays☆

The recently rescued 18 dachshunds eat pH controlled dog food due to struvite crystals formation. If you have extra at home, please send some to ARK!

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