Adoption event report☆at George OSAKA on the 16th of Dec. (Sun)

We had this year’s last adoption event at George (JP only) OSAKA on the 16th of Dec.
The dogs dressed up for Christmas.
And how was the event?


Why are you there? I thought you were going to be rehomed..?
Yes, he got the adoption offer, but the adopter cannot prepare everything at the moment. So, we are again looking for his forever home. Kojak didn’t know about any of that so he just enjoyed the event.
He was calm as usual (not like other puppies) and was spoiled by a lot of visitors.


Matsue is also becoming a regular at adoption events.
People said “you must have put on some weight♪” as they pinched her or held her. She was poked by many people, but she never got upset and was a good girl as always. She is calm but she has amazing climbing abilities and can climb high fences at the shelter. We hope she will find her own family soon and will live inside of the house.


Grouca joined the event for the first time. He welcomed visitors, saw them off and rolled over on a blanket. He pretty much enjoyed the event. He stuck close to the staff member and chased her around and asked to be held. He wanted attention all the time. He will probably be spoiled by a new owner soon after he gets adopted!


Uruchi loves people. She really loved all the attention at the event. She moved around and took a rest in the arms of anyone willing to hold her. This worked and she was really able to show off how charming she is. (Her cute feature “sticking out tongue” also attracted guests. Some tried to put her tongue back in the right place


He was able to hide himself in the cat house. He also enjoyed eating at the event. He will probably adapt easily to a new environment after he is adopted. Dyna is a beautiful odd-eyed cat, but hasn’t had an adoption offer yet.

Unfortunately, we did not have any concrete adoption offers in this year’s last adoption event. But we are hoping to see some of today’s visitors again at ARK.

Thank you to the staff at George OSAKA and to the volunteers!
We look forward to seeing you all next year too!

Our official events are over for the year. However, ARK has no holidays. The shelter is open everyday except Wednesdays. Please stop by during the winter holidays!
We hope we will not have any heavy snow…

ARK photo exhibit in Shiga : Open on Sat, Sun & national holidays☆

ARK photo exhibit in Nagoya : Only for 4days☆
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