Kitten fever 2012

Kitten fever is here once again.
So many kittens come to ARK this time of year.
The season just began but the kitten room is already overflowing. There isn’t enough space or manpower.
We don’t know what to do…
(We are talking to ourselves. Everyone only has 24 hours in a day. Other shelters, private rescuers, and other people only have so much time to care for their own pets and families too.)

This kitten is probably 4-5 days old. The eyes are not open yet. He is still topo small to use a bottle so we tried to feed with a syringe. It didn’t go so well. Please drink up or you will die! We need you to help us help you to stay alive!

Spaying and neutering is the responsibility of the pet owner.
Can you promise that your pet will never accidentally breed?
Can you promise to take care of the animals if multiple puppies or kittens are accidentally born?
Can you promise to keep an eye on others who are taking care of these animals?
If you find abandoned kittens please try and take care of them until you can find a new family for them.

If you see stray cats and feel sorry for them, please have them spayed or neutered. It is more beneficial to them than just feeding them.

Spaying and neutering can prevent diseases and reduce bad behavior. Some cancers can be avoided as well. Please spay and neuter your pets and talk to a vet about having strays in the neighborhood done as well.

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