Dunky, waiting for his happiness.

Today’s feature is a Shih Tzu, Dunky.

When he was first rescued, Dunky did not show his emotions.
His hair was almost all gone and his skin was red and swollen from inflammation.
A health check revealed that he had hypothyroidism.

Once he started taking medicine, his emotions also started coming back.
His hair grew back thanks to regular medical shampooing. Can you believe he had dermatitis from the picture?

He also had infected ears. He was very upset to have his ears cleaned because they hurt so much. Now that the pain is gone, he is a good boy when his ears are checked.

Basically he is calm and does his own thing just like other Shih-Tzus. But once he sees a toy, he turns into a hyper dog!
He always gets really excited if he plays with a squeaky toy. He loves to play tug with you and the toy. Also, if you throw it, he will bring it back to you.

He never gets mad when the toy is taken away. He plays just like a puppy. He is very innocent and adorable. We always want to play with him more.

He used to bark because he was lonely, but not anymore.

He was basically ignored in his previous home. The owners had dementia and couldn’t care for him. Now after 4 months at ARK, his skin and ear problems have been resolved. He is ready to find a loving home.

He is a good looking boy and is fun to be with. It is hard to find a home for a 9 year old dog. He always sees others getting adopted before him. Is it finally Dunky’s turn? We hope so.

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