Adoption event report☆at George OSAKA on 08Apr(Sun)

We had an adoption event at George (JP only) OSAKA on 8th of Apr. (Sun).

At the nearest park, Utsubo Park, so many people were doing Hanami (picnic under cherry blossoms)!
It was a great chance for socializing our dogs. We made the participant dogs walk in the crowded park.

Puppies were supposed to join the event this time but could not make it due to the vet finding intestinal worms at the health check up.
What a pity!

20120408matsue1.jpg 20120408matsue3.jpg
20120408s1.jpg 20120408matsue2.jpg
Matsue is afraid of strangers. She was so nervous in the beginning, but gradually she got used to the new environment.
In the end, she could show her belly to get rubbed even to the person she met for the first time.
Well, basically, she sat under the desk, looking like “I don’t care”.
At least Matsue did some begging for food. Yes, she is a big eater!

20120408gift2_1.jpg 20120408gift1_1.jpg
20120408bunnnosuke1_1.jpg 20120408bunnosuke3_1.jpg
It was the second event for Gift. The first was the latest one at George OSAKA.
He was curious and kind of outgoing during the Hanami picnic walk with others at the park. But he was so timid when he was out for a break without any other dogs.
Probably he prefers the family with a dog already?
In the middle of the event, he fell sound asleep due to tiredness! It was so adorable and everyone liked that.
Ah Gift, you know, that is a pet sheet that you are sleeping on…

Bunnosuke was super hyper all the time.
That's because he was so happy!
He ran around the room and knocked some things over. In the end, he needed a leash and a bodyguard as well, like a V.I.P!
He was still excited even after he got back to ARK.
Bunnosuke, you really had a great time.

20120408mokka2.jpg 20120408mokka3.jpg
20120408mokka1.jpg 20120408dunky1_1.jpg
Mocca was just returned to ARK the day before the event. We want to keep actively looking for her permanent new family. She dressed up well and joined the event!
She was running around and joking with Bunnosuke. She seemed to be having so much fun.
She was held by several people. She also relaxed and even took a nap on their laps.

Dunky joined as well.
He had been depressed since the low pressure a few days ago. He had his ears down and didn’t show any interest in toys. We hope he will be okay after this event as he seemed to be having fun.

20120408ieyasu2.jpg 20120408ieyasu1.jpg
20120408ieyasu3.jpg 20120408s2.jpg
Ieyasu is outgoing and never shy. But on this day… he seemed a bit nervous.
But his story doesn’t stop here.
He found his way and started “moving”.
He started eating!
Ieyasu usually finishes his food quickly and perfectly. He could not leave the food there.

They did not find their new family at the event. But we could see different characters from them that we cannot see in ARK. The experience means a lot for them and we believe they went one step forward toward rehoming.
A lot of adopters will visit ARK after they come to the event. We hope this will lead to good news!

We truly thank the people who donated goods, made donations, came to the event, and to GEORGE, Osaka (JP Only) who gave us the place for the event.

Many passersby came in to the shop this time. We hope they found our activity interesting!

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