Adoption event report☆at GREENDOG on 18th Mar.(Sun)

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Here is the report from the adoption event at GREENDOG Kobe on 18th Mar (Sun).
We only had 3 dogs and one cat this time. Though we were slightly worried about how many visitors would come to the event, a lot of people visited us. We appreciate the future adopters, supporters and the people who became interested in ARK.

Actually, the best host on the day was a dachshund Kotaro. He belongs to the shop GREENDOG SQUARE (JP only) owner.
We were lucky to have him because we only had 3 dogs. Kotaro is 10 years old and blind, but he is so friendly and got along with everybody.

Astro has been living in ARK for 3 years. But this was his first adoption event. He stood in the car all the way from ARK to the event place. (were you afraid of my driving?)
But he was so calm at the event. It was completely different from usual.
He never got too exited when he saw other dogs, and he could communicate with little children calmly. We found him relaxed and we had no worries. However, he was always watching and was concerned about everything that was going on at the event.
This shows why he easily gets exited at ARK. He cares about many things and so, he is sensitive to sound or the other dogs at ARK.
In the end, he was almost asleep. He must be tired from caring about everything…
He wore a manner belt, but he never tried to go to the bathroom inside. We can surely recommend to have him inside the house.

Memphis joined the adoption event for the 3rd time. But hid himself under the desk again.

Even so, when we pulled him out from there, he seemed okay. We saw him asking for treats in the middle of the room.
In the end, he found a place for himself and did not move from there. But he didn’t panic and did not escape when little children touched him.
He is still cautious and afraid of strangers, but it is a great experience for him to join this kind of event.
We have to actively keep looking for a new family for Memphis. He is a big eater and loves to be with his favorite people!

Today’s most popular dog was Gift, of course.
He once tried to escape from the children. He kept some distance from the visitors but he was interested in the treats! He came out to see a beautiful lady at the event and to enjoy getting spoiled by her!
(Oh, it is not only him. Astro too!)
Gift tends to get panicked about things he has never experienced before. On that day, he could walk down the street without problem and seemed to be having a good time at the event in a busy shop.
Gift also could wait for his toilet until his walk.

It was the first event for Ku-ri, too.
On the way to George, he was meowing non-stop. At the event, he hid himself in the cushion house the whole time.
He came out from the house to use the litter box but then looked for another place to hide.
But he allowed a visitor to pet him. It seemed he liked it and probably he needed it as he felt uneasy.

No one could find their future family on that day. We hope the experience will lead to new chances in the future.

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