Kleta got a new family☆

The day has come!

Kleta left ARK yesterday!

She had an offer before, but she has a little “problem” and it did not go well.

When she was rescued, she sometimes panicked during the walk. We could not ask volunteers to take her on a walk.
She was afraid of strangers, and could jump over the 130cm fence.
Later, even though she still pulled hard on the leash, she came to be okay with the regular volunteers taking her for a walk. And then, she started having epilepsy attacks.

Even taking preventive medicine everyday, we were afraid to have her leave ARK for fear of another attack.

But we staff members wanted to see Kleta’s have a chance. We had her at the adoption event in Kobe.
We saw Kleta relaxed just like she is at ARK. Seems that she enjoyed the event.
Of course, no epilepsy attack.

It did not take long until she met her future family..

Already 9 years have passed since Kleta came to ARK.

We are so happy to see her happy and leaving ARK.
It was the right decision to take her to the adoption event.

Unfortunately, there are many animals who could not get their own family and live at ARK until the end of their life.
That is one of the saddest and most frustrating things we experience during our activities.
We truly hope the animals who left ARK can be live happy ever after for those who cannot get theirs.

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