Not “Sorry” but “Thank You”

I thought about this for a long time, but I’ve decided to tell you. We had to put Rush down.


Rush had allergic dermatitis, and I thought that if she was able to find a loving home, her sickness would get better and she wouldn’t need to depend on medication any more. So I spent a long time looking for a good home for her. But it turned out that Rush’s sickness was not as simple as we had thought. It had progressed to reach a very serious and complicated point. The side effects also became worse than we had expected.

I talked with the staff members who helped to take care of Rush about what would be best for her. If she kept taking the medicine, the bad side effects would increase, causing her symptoms to become even more painful than the dermatitis itself. But we couldn’t stop the medicine because then her dermatitis would worsen. Rush’s sickness would not improve without medicine.


If we didn’t make the decision there and then to put Rush down, the side effects would cause her to suffer until the end of her life. We at ARK feel that it’s pointless to wait and prolong the suffering. So we made the decision.

The proof of Rush is in her life. She gave us so much happiness. She taught us so many things. We’d like to thank her. And we loved her. That’s why we wanted her to find a loving home. We wanted her to be happy.

But we couldn’t. I’m full of sadness because I could not help her. I feel that I let her down, and my head and heart are full of many emotions that I cannot express.


The vet told us that he’s seen many dogs at his veterinary hospital with allergic dermatitis. Dogs with skin so badly chewed up, raw and sore that they’re not able to sleep because they can’t stop scratching. Or dogs whose whole body is so covered in mites that just touching them hurts. He said that if treatment doesn’t go well, then it is painful for the owner and the vet, and most of all, for the dog. Having had a lot of experience with this sickness, he encouraged me by saying that he felt we made the right choice for Rush.

We are always thinking about what is best for each and every dog.


Euthanasia has its pros and cons, doesn’t it?

Every life has its own shape. Thus, there are no two deaths that are the same. Each person has their own thoughts. I don’t think there is an absolute right or a wrong to any choice. I think it is good that we all have our own views. So of course it is natural that people have different opinions about ARK’s decisions.


Truly, I never wish to use euthanasia when there’s something that can be done, but I think it’s irresponsible to continue keeping an animal in pain if the condition is not curable, and if we can’t remedy the stress caused by an animal’s physical state.

Some regrets always remain upon death. We think such things as “If only I had done this at the time...” or “If only I was able to do more...”.
Therefore, as caretakers of lives, I think we have to make every day of life special.


I am concerned that telling you this is controversial and may be confusing. But as those who take care of living creatures, the problem we must all face up to is that death is unavoidable. That is why I chose to tell you.

I also wanted you to know how much grief we feel too.


I found this during a walk with Rush.

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