Who’s going to the adoption event??

It was like a spring day today at ARK.
Dogs and cats all found good warm places and relaxed under the sun.

These are the participants for Adoption Event in Kobe @ Green Dog Square on 18th of Mar., Astro, Menphis and Gift.

Gift is a bit shy to strangers but loves to play with other dogs.
We are wondering if he can show you this relaxed face at the adoption event… maybe you should upload this picture first!☺

Ah, excuse me, don’t you think you are a bit too close? I know you are not familiar with a camera…
No no! don’t lick the lens!!

When he came to ARK, having a leash put on caused him to panic a bit. These days, even if a stranger comes into his kennel, he can come to him/her by himself. Still it takes a little time, though.

Astro is such a timid, over reacting but super hyper boy.
We have so many tales about him. Once he tore a volunteer’s shirt, and once left his bite marks…yes…that’s all from his love for them…

Ah, I didn’t know that you are sometimes calm like this…
Don’t worry, I will not tell anybody that you were sleeping with your 4 legs all open!

It is important to bear in mind not to excite the dogs when you play with them. Being hyper together is good, but also it is important to stop before they get super excited. They need time to calm down.

Astro shows us this funny face, but he is responsible for one important task.
He is a trainer for “rehabilitation and socialization”.
He is a little bit strict, but we know how much he helped our dogs become socialized. A lot of dogs were trained by him and became friendly to people. Thanks to Astro’s training, those dogs were able to be adopted.

Menphis a.k.a. Men-chan used to be a stray dog. Because of that, he is good at Dog-language. He can get along with any dog so well.

However, he is still shy to strangers. He has not had a chance yet, even when someone became interested in him.
He got lost once when he was a puppy. We are a little bit more sensitive to find a good match for him.
Look, he can make a good & gentle smile like this!

For the upcoming adoption event, we wanted to take 2 or 3 more animals with us. But some are not good at being with other animals, some are on treatments or some are waiting for neutering operation. And some get so exited if they see cats….
In the end, we decided to have these 3 dogs and a cat, Ku-ri.

It is a great opportunity for the people who do not plan to adopt animals but are interested in ARK or in volunteering.
ARK’s shelter is not easy to reach but the adoption event is held in a convenient place.
ARK goods and a newly published book, Doubutsu to wakachiau jinsei (JP only: Days shared with animals) with Ms.Oliver’s autograph will be for sale.
If you don’t find anything interesting, you also can donate a little#9825;

Adoption Event in Kobe @ Green Dog Square
Date/Time: 18. Mar. 2012(Sun) 12-16:00
Place: Southern Mall Rokko Green Dog Square

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