As we reported in ARK news, the first animal rescue groups to Miyagi have already gone back to both Osaka and Tokyo.

Relief supplies were unloaded without any trouble at the collection site in Tome as scheduled. Afterward they moved to Sendai, divided into 2 groups in order to call on small shelters, to give owners counsel and to examine animals in the area.

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We received information that many animals were abandoned and on a leash, and we searched for them. However, we could not find them. It was extremely difficult beyond our anticipation for even our experienced staff to search for animals based on sight only. There are so many places where they could hide under rubble. Not even residents understood where they were because so many buildings were swept away by water. Under time and fuel pressure, our staff could not help but give up looking for animals.

It was very heart-wrenching to see these missing dogs featured on posters.

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ARK will house animals from people who cannot keep them during this time.
We have no words to comfort affected owners who entrusted their animals to us.
It must be a very hard decision to give up their pets. If it were me, I wouldn’t want to give up my animals even if I were starving. Under such circumstances, we are honored they trust their precious family members to be with us at ARK.

As an animal protection group, I feel strongly that the solution is not just to take them to our shelter but also something more important there. I believe that existence of animals is so important for everyone’s recovery.
There is nothing better than the solution that makes them live together.

In the Osaka office, we are still struggling to handle e-mails and calls related to Tohoku-disaster.
We assume that this will be a protracted battle. As it is, we are now preparing to receive animals.
Probably, it will take quite a time to establish this system that can take care of individuals mentally and physically.

Today, they are going to the affected area in Tohoku again. Our main purpose is to bring relief supplies to inaccessible areas. And another is to supply mental care for owners and animals there.
This time, other veterinarians accompany us as volunteers, too. Absolutely, we prepare ourselves fully to rescue missing animals and other ones on a leash or locked-in.

This is just the beginning.

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