Turbo’s bad habit

There was a dog left in an abandoned car 3 years ago.
That was Turbo.

His pink under lip is charming, but he is not a so called “easy to live with” dog.
He is big, strong minded and did not let anyone get close to him. He was not used to being touched and we needed to be careful when vaccinating or doing any treatments.
But he gradually understood that he does not need to be afraid while walking or having daily care at the shelter. Now he allows us to do anything with him.
He is not a complicated type. If you know dog’s manners, you would be fine.

He doesn’t get mad even he is treated like this!

He likes playing with people. When you throw a toy, he will get it for you.

“Turbo, give it back to me!”



But Turbo has one bad habit.
He bites his forelegs.
We cannot find a cause through lab tests. His scars get better with medicine, but it will re-occur.
We feel sorry whenever we see Turbo wearing an Elizabeth collar.

There is no other cause aside from stress from shelter life.
The only solution is finding him a new home, not giving medicine.

I remember another dog.
One big dog who bit his forelegs due to stress and could not get along with other dogs. But those bad habits disappeared once he was rehomed. Now he is living with other dogs…

We wanted to give him a chance to join an adoption event. However, it didn’t work out because he couldn’t get along with other dogs. He is good with his roommate. We think that he was not socialized enough and has not had enough experience.

Oh, talking about a roommate, this girl is his roommate, Buruma.
She is a bit shy, but has a good character.
Of course, she too is looking for her new family.

“oh, no. You don’t need to worry about me. Just leave me alone please…”

News for four-walling movie 「犬と猫と人間と」(Dogs, Cats and Humans)
Date:26th Dec 2011 (Mon)
Place: May Theater in Suita shi, Osaka
We will have talk-session by the movie director Iida and Ms.Oliver
Please find the details (in JP only)

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