Adoption event report☆at George OSAKA on 4th Dec. (Sun)

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We had an adoption event at George (JP only) OSAKA near Utsubo park on 4th of Dec (Sun).
This time, we planed to have a charity bazaar (for ARK donations) and give Christmas post cards to visitors.

Thank you for all who shopped, made donations and visited the event with the cold weather. Also thanks to ARK’s OB/OG dogs that stopped by!
Did you like our Christmas cards with ARK dogs/cats?

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Shinji Male, 4 months old
Shinji is the brother of Sanbi who joined the Green dog event last time .
He looked sleepy during whole event. He might be tired due to car sickness.
We knew that Shinji is slow and timid. But we are sure today that his character is opposite to Sanbi who is more aggressive.

Mash Male, 5 years old
We thought he would be the most popular one and everybody would want him! But there was no offer for him…

He was friendly to visitors and must have given good impressions…
He is good at hanging out with other dogs, friendly, not too nervous (a bit timid though), never barks and is easy to be with!

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Potage Female, 7 years old
During the first half of the event, she was friendly and gave visitors good impressions. But once she noticed cats were also there when the number of visitors decreased, she kept barking at the cats. Ah, you know, these cats were already there before you came.
Don’t you think it was too late?

Monica Female, 6 years old
Monica is originally friendly but now sometimes becomes too aggressive due to stress.
We were worried but she was relaxed during the whole event and got spoiled by men and children too.
Children made a game called “Monica roll♪”. But she did not hate it at all. It was great to take her to the event.
We were relieved.

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Charmie Female, 7 months old 
She is kind of shy at ARK and we thought she would be nervous in an unusual environment. However, she ate well from the beginning, was in a good mood the whole event and friendly to everybody.
She also checked showed interest about various things without fear.

Porare Female, 5 months old
She was too timid to ask for playing and hid herself under a cushion. Meanwhile, she reached her fore legs and licked visitor’s hand. Obviously she wanted to get spoiled and could finally get out from under a cushion in the last minutes of the event.
You should have done it when future adopters were here…

We had many families who wanted to adopt cats.
Some of them will come to ARK in Nose after they completed the preparation to have a cat at home.
We look forward to seeing them in ARK soon!

News for four-walling movie 「犬と猫と人間と」(Dogs, Cats and Humans)
Date:26th Dec 2011 (Mon)
Place: May Theater in Suita shi, Osaka
We will have talk-session by the movie director Iida and Ms.Oliver
Please find the details (in JP only)

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