Rescue team entered the Tohoku restricted area.

Yesterday, the ARK rescue team left for the Tohoku disaster area. They met up with a group from Tokyo and took plenty of relief supplies.

Before the departure, it took much time to prepare enough supplies and data gathering. They prepared thoroughly and planned for shortages of gasoline and other supplies.

And we received a report from them in the evening today. They entered Miyagi as scheduled and delivered dog food, cat food, and cages to the relief supply collection area.
The information collected beforehand said that many affected people in shelters came with pets. Even though they barely escaped with them, there is not enough space to place their cages. Consequently, these supplies are to be delivered to shelters as needed.

Tomorrow, they will move to Sendai to deliver food directly to owners in inaccessible areas and rescue lost animals as long as fuel lasts and as long as it is safe.

Although he is usually strong, his voice sounded tired when he called in to report on the situation. We don’t want them to overwork in such an extreme situation.

Before I realized it, I was running around in emotional circles. In contrast, Ms. Oliver makes sure to make time for a meeting. Under such circumstance, it is important to stop working and have a conversation sitting calmly for a little while.

We are sorry for delays in returning emails and for phone problems.

We are currently striving to gather information regarding rescues for animals in Tohoku. Therefore, please be patient until our report is made on this blog or ARK news.

Meanwhile, today Shohei was re-homed in the morning. In the afternoon, some visitors who desire to be a foster parent of dog and cat came to ARK. One of the most important roles for us is to maintain animals’ QOL in ARK.

Excuse me for prose in today’s article.

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