Chako on top of the shelf

Do you know who is the girl that looks frozen on the shelf? She is Chako.
She lives in a private room next to our office.
She can live with other cats, but is too shy with strangers. If she is in a big room, we cannot get her for health check up. To make her to get used to meeting strangers, she is living alone.

She is calico, beautiful, young and small (big cat is not that popular…). Even though she is a bit timid to strangers and overbearing princess type, we thought she would find her new family soon. But it has been more than 6 months since she moved in this room.

She is not that timid anymore.

… no, still hiding herself in that small space!

She was frightened of the camera.
She usually tries to bother us when we do something in front of her cage. She is a cheeky and active cat who can play with toys alone.

But she is also a big eater.
She came down for dinner from the shelf.
She sometimes was bothered by and checked out a black thing with the shutter clicking sound. But still.. she cannot stop eating.

Her single room is too small to have enough exercise.
Because of this, she got struvite crystals which cause stones.

We feed her pH control prescription food for prevention, but it would be okay to have her back to normal food if she can relax in with a family.
It seems like Chako who is young and active, cannot live in this private room anymore.

Is there anybody who can understand her?
We really hope that we can find her a great family who can be patient until she adjusts the new environment and finds herself.

News for four-walling movie 「犬と猫と人間と」(Dogs, Cats and Humans)
Date:26th Dec 2011 (Mon)
Place: May Theater in Suita shi, Osaka
We will have talk-session by the movie director Iida and Ms.Oliver
Please find the details (in JP only)
http://drupal.animalrefugekansai.org/?q=ja/node/3822 (JP Only)

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