Spiv’s happy day finally comes

Spiv was adopted! Yes, Spiv a.k.a. Butchan is the one who had been staying in KK’s house.
Can you believe Butchan wears the star shaped name tag that only rehomed animals can get!

Sometimes love and courage may not be good enough to take care of a dog like Spiv. Spiv’s new family started by becoming his foster family.
Now the family found their own way to live together with Butchan, and decided to take him as their family member!!!

I thought Spiv could not be rehomed before.
I, KK was ready to take care of him as one of ARK’s sponsor dogs, until his death at my own home.

Basically, when my family starts fostering a dog, we think about taking care of it forever if he/she cannot find a new home.
It’s because I don’t want to make them confused or feel sad because of human circumstances. They do not know human words nor conditions.

It was not easy to take care of his stool maintenance even after he quit medications like laxative, lubricant, and prescription food.
I tried not to describe his condition negatively, hoping to find him a forever family or a foster family. But it has not been that easy.
It was not easy on busy days to have a long walk with Butchan, who takes time for a bowel movement. Also, cold days or hot days, sometimes I had to cut my sleeping time to take time for him.
It was sad and heart breaking to see him whimpering due to constipation, or licking his watery diarrhea dropping from the anus as he felt uncomfortable. I had been depressed because I could not do anything more for him.

I though adoption would not happen even if he has an offer.
I also started thinking about the special care for him when he gets old.

We truly appreciate the people who sponsored him until now, cared about him and supported him. Thanks to all of you, Butchan could be rehomed.

We are looking forward to seeing him and his smiles again when he visits ARK or at the re-union!!!

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