New chapter for rescued dogs from the earthquake

We offer any animals without known owners up for adoption 6 months after they are rescued. Most of foster families (temporarily family) keep the dogs as their new family member.
Returning to ARK or moving to another family again, causes so much stress on the rescued animals. Foster families basically applied for fostering them and plan to adopt them if the real owner cannot be found.

The foster family of Ticket came to ARK last week to formally adopt him.

The staff member who rescued him in Fukushima seemed moved.
We are sure he still remembers clearly about each animals rescued there.
And, the ones we could not rescue.

Have a Go1_1
This is Have Ago who had a broken chinbone, injured eyes and poor nutrition when rescued.
He seemed around 16 years old then. The more he recovered, the younger he seems!
He now has so much energy and is very friendly. His fur and bone structure look much much better than before.

The story of Have Ago when rescued
http://www.arkbark.net/?q=ja/node/2979(JP ONLY)

Have a Go2_1
For example, for how friendly he is now…
When I (KK) who usually does not take care of him comes into his kennel, he wakes up and then... showing his belly and rubs against my legs in a hyper mood. As if he says, “pat me, stroke me, please please please!!!”
I don’t think an old dog can wake up and move that quickly..!
And you should check who comes in your place first…

Have a Go3_1
Some animals find their owners but they are not able to live together. They are then put up for adoption once the owner gives permission.
Some were adopted by their foster families and some are still living in ARK.
Some have met their owner who came from Fukushima but they cannot live together yet, and some died before their reunion.

There are many stories for humans and animals. There still are many animals left wandering in affected area.

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