ARK Support Fair event Report ☆ at Field Note on 30 Oct (Sun)

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We had ARK Support Fair at FIELD NOTE in Nara-shi on 30th Oct (Sun). It’s held twice a year, in spring and fall.
Unfortunately it was raining that day. But so many people visited and it was already full around 11:30 at the starting time.

We had a panel exhibit “ARK Tails” and also showed a movie trailer of independent distribution “犬と猫と人間と(Dogs, cats and humans)” directed by Motoharu Iida.

7 unique and attractive ARK dogs joined the event. But eventually, no one found new family.

Excuse me for showing it all all. I’m Komakichi.
You look like a father lounging around on weekend!
Komakichi is bright and healing-type despite his Japanese breed.
Don’t you think you are too relaxed? Do you know some get so nervous because of being surrounded by strangers at a new place?

Let me show your wow face too, he-he!
No, he was not upset.
He was in a so good mood and twisting his body♡

This is Komakichi’s room mate, Dorrit.
He was wearing a manner-belt (just wrapping a pet sheet around his waist) just in case. But he had been sitting the whole event and didn’t need it.
We were impressed that he accepts any kinds of people calmly, keeps a proper distance from other dogs and never puts any pressure on others. He is always well behaved in spite of his mysterious odd-eye.
He is a large dog, but never pulls a leash and is easy to walk. If you choose him, I am sure your family members will come back home as early as possible to spend time with him!

Candy is 9 years old, but her spirit is still a little girl. She got so excited with toys and was spoiled by many people.
She was disliked by Zabagriorni for some reasons. Zabagriorni barked many times at Candy but she did not care it at all. But she did not like Rinta much and seemed annoyed.
Dogs-Relationship is interesting, complicated just like human relations.

As she loves toys, she concentrated on breaking them. Look at her cute paws♡

Zabagriorni had been in a good mood.
He did not make any trouble and because he is tiny, he did not get that much attention…
He is unique and has his own way not like other dogs. It is a bit sad that people lost their interest when they know his age, 8 years old.

It is easy to find that Rinta is spoiled and relies on people if you hold him. He would grasps your arm and hold tightly.
In ARK, he tends to bark at the dogs passing in front of his kennel. But he did not bark during the event and he was a good boy. He showed his good mood by mingling on a blanket and showing his belly.
He has a cute face and gorgeous custard cream color fur. He is such a good looking boy, but did not get the offer yet.

Risotto (JP only) had a little girl who fell in love with her. The girl had been stroking Risotto a long time, but she did not hate it and still relaxed in a center of a lot of people.
We now can recommend her to the family with children.

The most popular dog was the 3 month old Vodka (JP only),
a Siberian husky puppy that is full of energy. But he was too popular that day and got tired in the middle of the event.

But, a little nap made him fully charged! It was confirmed that he needs the family who can have enough time for his daily exercise and training.
On the way to the event, it was such a mess. He did pooh, stepped on it and barked loudly (sounds like, he kept complaining). But after the event he completely slept in the car.

This is Ray.

He is friendly and lovely. But one little problem is that he shows his aggressiveness to other dogs wand wants people all to himself.

We are sure he will be a great family member if you can give your love only to him.

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9 years old Candy patiently wrestled with 3 month old Vodka.
Vodka used foul play and face biting, but Labradors are not sensitive to pain. Candy’s cheek skin was just extended.
Candy also did some training to Vodka.

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Craft artists and bakeries at the event kindly made donations to us.
Thank you for your work on a rainy day.
Also, thank you all for visiting us on this rainy day. We really appreciated it all!

We truly appreciate all the people who brought us relief supplies, made donations, bought ARK goods and visited us in the rain.

We had several future adopters who promised us to bring necessary documents later to ARK for interviews. We hope we will have great relationship with them in the future.

Unfortunately, today’s 7 dogs could not find their new families despite their great characters.
But we will again try to keep recommending our great animals to future adopters!

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