Penne and Gnnochi

Penne and Gnnochi are living with a foster family as ARK is always full.
Once they were about to be adopted, but now waiting from the start again.

The same foster family is taking care of a 1 month old kitten. Penne and Gnnochi are boys but are so good at taking care of the kitten. The foster family loves to see them doing it and is proud of them.

They can let the kitten eat first and play with him so well. If he meows out loud, they will soon come to him.

Gnnochi is a joker, chicken and a spoiled boy.
His favorite thing is climbing up to high places.
He can finally get down by himself now that he is bigger.
Praise me!

Penne is thoughtful, careful and has good reflexes. If he were a human, he would be good at both studies and sports, like an A-student?
He is easy going and friendly. He would have many friends if he were a human.
He loves to play with toys.

IMG_8038_1.jpg IMG_8079_1.jpg
IMG_8075_1.jpg IMG_8077_1.jpg
They were abandoned in a cardboard box in a park in February.

You see the box filled with torn newspapers? That’s the box they were in.
The three tiny kittens were cold and didn’t move. A foster family took them in to keep them warm. They were obviously just born. They still had umbilical cords and their eyes were closed.
They mewed loudly and started drinking milk at a furious pace.
Unfortunately, Farfalle has passed away the next day.
The lower right picture is Farfalle.

Penne and Gnnochi have been getting along so well and are good pals. We are hoping that their new family would adopt them together.
You two have to have happiness also for Falfalle.

Penne and Gnnochi are staying at the foster family’s home and not in ARK.
Please let us know in advance if you would like to see them for future adoption.

Also, there are a lot of cats are waiting to be adopted at ARK.
They all are unique and attractive.
Please come visit them!!


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