Adoption event report at George Osaka on Feb. 20th.

Here’s the adoption event report at George Osaka on Feb. 20th.

First, we went for a walk to Utsubo Park as usual. Pascoe went on foot and sometimes stopped, staring curiously at children who were playing in the park. Everything was the first time for him. Free walked, but she liked hiding her tail between her legs. She got interested in tennis very much.

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Fortunately, this time more people than usual visited the event. So many dogs came to the site and we were confused between them and dogs of ARK with yellow bandanas. It was regrettable that there were many visitors who we could not speak to in the site. Some of them might have wanted be a foster parent, or might have been interested in ARK. We might have missed lots of good chances...

Everyone loves two month old Pascoe because of his friendly character. He showed them his performance “Sit” that he has just learned. They confused him with a stuffed lion that was as large as him. Whatever he did was lovely, and he attracted everyone. It was a good opportunity for him to stimulate social development through joyful experience with people.

Limbo still remains “the boy at heart”, although he is presumed to be around 10 years old. He smiled friendly with his big body, showed his stomach, and asserted himself by his specialty performance. He put on a manner belt just to be safe. He didn’t pee except when walking at the beginning and the end. Good job, Limbo!

Spiv stopped taking 5 kinds of medicine, but actually he doesn’t have normal bowel movement everyday. He has been struggling with it everyday, and he joined this event to find his soul mate. This adoption event is the only place where he can appeal himself because he does not stay at ARK but KK’s house now. He is friendly with social dexterity, and he had a great time with dogs that came to this event.

Free is shy, timid and very cautious. She sometimes shook under the table and the chair with fear when she saw many people at the site. However, she did a good job at her own pace, as she was relaxed and ate food..

Three months old “En” seems to have missed an exact place due to Pascoe. She played with toys and fell asleep on someone's lap. This made everyone feel good when they saw her.

Although they weren’t scared with people and environment, they could not appeal their good points at all to visitors because they were very upset. After all, we are very sorry that the adoption event might be only for kitties. But! , but!…We would like to give these adult cats chances too….

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Moreover, a curious triangle relationship appeared. En who loves Limbo, Limbo who is annoyed by her is crazy about Pascoe. Pascoe ran away from Limbo almost crying, because Limbo pushed over him with his forepaws.

Many visitors preferred small dogs. Unfortunately, we couldn’t bring small dogs this time. (Actually, some of them were not ready for sterilization operations and some of their foster families had already been decided.) Regrettably, detailed offers did not come up.

However, there were people who bought ARK goods, people who donated money, and people who shopped at George. We recognized that the adoption event was productive.

We also appreciate people who gave things to the animals in ARK and us!
We realized that our activities work out thanks to the people who support us. Thank you very much for all.

We will go for it hereafter!!

Here’ the link to George’s website.

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