au and Smart got settled

The Tokugawa family is living in the so called, “New cat house” (well, not New anymore…)
They have no stress, living their days peacefully.
But why don’t you guys start trying to get your new homes?

Hidetada can appeal himself, coming up to visitors and sometimes trying to touch them with his outstretched paw.
Oshin is young and small. Having chic colorful fur, friendly, good at playing with other cats and joined adopting events before… what else is needed?

Chiyohime became more beautiful these days with her gorgeous fur.

au joined this Tokugawa family.

au is still a little bit nervous around people and does not come over to get spoiled yet. But she purrs when being stroked and is curious about communicating with people. It seems like she is in a,“I wanna get spoiled, but still a bit worried…” phase.

With au, her sister Smart started living at New cat house too.
They have 3 other siblings, but all the cat houses in ARK are full and they could not move in all together.

There is no vacancy in the cat houses, some kittens live in a small cage which is usually used for injured animals.
We truly want to give them a spacious room with a lot of sun to make them relaxed, but..

Okay, get back to the story…

When you go to “New cat house” and cannot tell which is au or Smart, then reach your hand.
If one tries to bite you with joy, that’s Smart.
She plays with biting and punching, but if it becomes too much…. Then sorry..

And, we keep having the calls everyday about cats abandoned or from the person losing control with too many cats.
We seriously have to make strays and house cats spayed/neutered.
If the cost were cheaper and the risks were lower, more keepers would do it.
The government and animal hospitals can contribute more by re-considering the cost and making people more aware.

Even when animal welfare groups or private volunteers try harder, the capacity or budget have limitations.

(oh, it is a bit off from “ARK Tailsy” topic today…)

GEORGE Osaka Adoption Fair
Date/Time: 12-16:00 on 02 Oct 2011 (Sun)
Place: George OSAKA

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