Okota lost a lot of weight and has a hernia.

Okota was really obese and a huge miniature Dachshunds when he came to ARK. In fact, it was hard for him to walk. However, he lost his weight from 10kg to 5kg after an intensive dietary therapy!

Here's a better good-looking Okota than before!

But another concern comes up... It seems that initially his diet went smoothly, but after that he kept losing his weight. We are currently eager to fatten him up to more than 6kg. That is his ideal weight.

Not disease but “stress” caused this as in other dogs. We have found similar patterns on many dogs that could not fit into the busy shelter life. Some of them got sick and had a problem in their behavior from stress.

In Okota’s case, he cries and jumps on purpose to get attention from someone who passes him.
But, as you know, our staff cannot care only for him. His behavior was escalating more and more. He lost a lot of weight because he never relaxed.

People often think that animals in ARK are ok because we have professional staff to care for them. However, a shelter is stressful and it is always best if the animal can get their own home.

Recently it was discovered that Okota has a small hernia. His case is mild and does not need surgery. However, if his case worsens it might be necessary for him to have an operation. It would be best if he could be adopted or have a foster family. In that case, he would have a quiet place to recover should he need surgery.

We are sad that no one is interested in fostering hi m yet. We hope that people will see how cute and cheerful he is and offer him a home.

In his previous home he lived with other dogs so we know he can get along with them. However, at ARK he doesn’t like the other dogs. This is probably due to stress.

We really hope to find him a foster family as soon as possible. This will be the best thing for him.

Steps for foster parents;
Please call or e-mail us with an application form.

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