Adoption Event Report @Greendog, on 30th Jan.

An adoption Event was held at GREEN DOG in Kobe on 30th January. Due to a notice beforehand in the newspaper "THE KOBE SHINBUN", the event ended on a high note because more people than usual visited there.

We extend a warm thank you to everyone who came out to support us and to those who brought donations.

In fact, this was the first time for Kleta, who has been at ARK for 7 years, to join an event. She has epilepsy. However, she hasn’t had a seizure recently due to medication. Nowadays she enjoys walking and is not nervous around new volunteers.

We decided to give her a chance to attend the event in the hopes that she could find a foster family. While we were worried, she remained unexpectedly friendly and calm, and she welcomed visitors cheerfully. Moreover, she didn’t get carsick.

20110130b3.jpg 20110130b1.jpg
20110130b2.jpg 20110130i.jpg
Euro who was picked up with a stray dog mother and 3 sisters and brothers was relaxed and friendly to everyone as usual at the site. We suppose that her character resembles her mother's. She was so lovely chewing on a stuffed lion. She did not scare at all when walking along a wide busy street.

Regrettably, no one offered to become her foster family this time. But we can now recommend her with confidence to everyone.

Memphis was picked up from another place. He and his brothers are very cautious and timid, although he is the same age as Euro. On the day of the event, he wetted himself with nervousness as soon as he got out of our car. He could not walk outside, furthermore he hid under the table at the site.

20110130f.jpg 20110130d.jpg
20110130c.jpg 20110130g.jpg
However, he did his best. He got used to the atmosphere after watching the event accompanied by ARK staff. At last, visitors hugged him, and he waited or sat to get some food from them.

Shandy is a big baby and is good at getting along with people in spite of a shy character.
She said hello to strangers without hesitation when the site was calm, but she also hid under the table as the site was getting crowded. On the other hand, she got some food with other dogs from visitors.

20110130a.jpg 20110130h.jpg
20110130ケンタ 20110130コマル
Friendly Spiv was in a cheerful mood the whole time, and he glad-handed everyone.
Besides this, he rolled over so visitors could rub his belly. He did his duty which was greeting at the reception area as well as playing.
Usually Spiv's toilet manner is so good, but male dogs sometimes pee on something when they go to an unfamiliar place or his tension runs high. Spiv put on a “manner belt " to be safe, but in the end it wasn’t necessary.
Good job, Bucchan!

And cats...
Comaru's slogan is "barrier-free of heart". He asked dogs to play by reaching out his paws out from the cage.
Kenta behaved in contrast to Komaru who was behaving as he like. He moved away from his usual friendly character, and he was staying under the cushion. Nevertheless, he had not appetite problem. He ate food perfectly, sticking his head out of the cushion. Everybody was watching it pleasantly.

It remains a mystery what happened to them, but their situation switched at only one moment.

Hikaru's concerns may be pretty close to this...

Tsugumi was very popular in this event, and finally, she acquired a destined foster family!

We underrated the difficulty to find her foster family because of her affable personality although she is 9 years old with heartworm. However it was harder than we expected. Now, we are so happy and relieved that she could find a perfect dad and mom for her. (To be honest, we feel a little sad...)

She is staying at KK's house until they are ready to accept her as a new family.
Although we will miss her, she and Bucchan are spending the rest of their days in love.

Aside from Tsugumi, lots of nice families said to us that they were going to visit ARK to find a soul mate. We will make an extra effort for everyone in Ark to be happy.

GREEN DOG always offers the site for the event and donates lots of food to ARK.
We appreciate their support very much!

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