ARK’s Obon (summer holidays) and The Body Shop Nippon foundation

How was your summer holiday season?

During the Obon period, a lot of animals found their new families.
Many of those who came to ARK for adopting ARK animals traveled from far away. Up north, from Chiba, Tokyo and Aichi.
One family came from Yamaguchi in West.
“Not easy to be adopted” ones who are old or have health problems were rehomed.
Many adopters sent us pictures and letters. We can see that adopted animals are living happily. We truly appreciate it.

Well, a lot of animals were adopted and then, a lot of animals were rescued and came in…

Well well,
Today’s report is from a while ago…

ARK’s animal rescue activity at the Great East Japan Earthquake was chosen for The Body Shop Nippon foundation 2011 (JP only).
Ms. Oliver attended the presentation ceremony on 12th of July.

The Body Shop is against Animal Testing and supports various social action programs such as environmental issues as corporate philosophy. This is a great honor to have the aid fund from this wonderful company.

There are a couple of things in common between ARK and The Body Shop.
Both founders, the late Anita Roddick and Ms.Oliver are from the UK. Also, both ARK and The Body Shop became 20 years old last year.

The Body Shop’s customers are socially conscious. This is a great opportunity to be known by such conscious people and this will lead a great gain in the future.

In conclusion, we would like to share the words from the presentation ceremony.

That’s right!
WE can change.

Each of us has to take action for animals to be treated as precious living creatures the as same as us, not as a product.

Public comment will be collected till 27th of Aug!
http://www.arkbark.net/?q=ja/node/3601 (JP only)

Here is the ceremony report from The Body Shop↓
http://www.the-body-shop.co.jp/values/act_japan/nipponkikin_report_110811.html(JP only)

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