Adoption event Report @Greendog on 24th Jul.

This is a report from an adoption event @Greendog on 24th Jul. (Sun).

We were so ready and looked forward to this adoption event (as usual!), but not so many people came this time.
It seems not many people visited the ARK shelter either. Maybe because it was the first Sunday after school summer holidays began? People went out somewhere?

For dogs and cats, anyone is welcomed as long as they can get spoiled♪ They do not care whether visitors are future parents or regular comers.

20110724s12.jpg 20110724s11.jpg
20110724s9.jpg 20110724s10.jpg
A shy dog, Anko, seemed to get some confidence after being held and praised.
And a couple of days later, she met a wonderful married couple and left ARK together with her sister, Kinako!

Bannie also seemed enjoying getting spoiled like a puppy, but sometimes his big black body caused a bit of trouble. Some visitor was scared of this big body..
He dressed up with a green tie, but it did not work.. He could not meet his future parent that day.

20110724s6.jpg 20110724s7.jpg
20110724s5.jpg 20110724s8.jpg
This is a Shiba dog, Tonton.
When he was brought to ARK, he did not come out much. He was just under his bed, pretending he was not there…
But now he can enjoy walking even with a person he meets for the first time. He is calm, not picky about food, not super fat anymore and does not bark much. He has become a dog who is easy to be take care of.

We were worried if he could go through the event without trouble. This is the first time for him to go out from ARK, and he refused to play with other participant dogs at the pre-meeting.
But you can see we did not need to worry about it at all from this picture.
We are looking forward to having the offer for quiet and calm Tonton since this event.

Spiv a.k.a. Butchan is becoming a Regular for this event. Someone started calling him “a poster dog for the event”. (Meaning, he did not find his new home yet…)
Shop clerks at Greendog remember him and talked to him like, “Spiv!”, “Spiv here again!” or “bad mood today?”
He can take a nap anywhere.. yes, he is going his way…

20110724s1.jpg 20110724s3.jpg
20110724s4.jpg 20110724s2.jpg
Limbo loves “Tiny things”.
Today’s target was Chinese crested, hairless Center.
He tried to play with Anko or the small dogs visiting the event persistently, but he did not chase the ones who can say “No”. Center is a little bit shy and likes to joke around, so he was assigned as the toy of Limbo during the event.

Planned participants Yoshimune and Tsunayoshi were rehomed a day before the event. Then, Nene and Oshin were in as pinch hitters.
It might be a bit difficult for them on that day as it was just several days after their rescue. Now they both are so friendly, but were nervous back then.

Nene had been in a toilet.
Someone patiently gave her massage to relieve her tension. Thanks to that, she could eat some though she was still hiding.

Oshin could not move at all during the whole event. She had been trying to disappear in the end of her cage.

They are originally friendly and active. We will recommend them to future adopters after this event.

This time, we found one clear fact.
Girls team, Anko, Tonton, Nene and Oshin were quiet and gentle. By contrast, Boys team were so focused on the treats!

Not so many visitors, but we could have good relaxing day.

Bannie “I had a good time! I was popular☺ “

Limbo “I saved my luck today. I will use it slowly until the day I will be rehomed.”

Photo Exhibition, “Dog Life, Cat Life and Human Life” in Sendai
Date: Aug. 5th (Fri) to 10th (Wed) 2011
Place: Sendai Mediatheque
(I (KK) will join this exhibit on 9th&10th !)

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