ARK Photo Exhibition, “Dog Life, Cat Life and Human Life” in Sendai

Date:from Aug 5th (Fri) to 10th (Wed), 2011
Place:Sendai Mediatheque

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An ARK Photo exhibition was held in Sendai. The pictures were taken by photographer Kyoko Harada who has been taking pictures of ARK animals as her life’s work.
ARK is relatively unknown in Tohoku yet, so we had no idea how many people would come or what people would think about us. Luckily, the exhibit was held during Sendai Tanabata festival and more than 400 people visited on the busiest day.

The place was huge and open-plan, but composed atmosphere for exhibition.

Everybody looked at the pictures carefully in a gentle pace.
Some came several times, some cried for ARK’s animals, some came by knowing this through Twitter or their friends, some happened to walk by and some came because of lovely ad….Young and old, each of the visitors must have felt something precious at the exhibit.

The exhibit became meaningful thanks to all the supporters. Thanks for helping the exhibit, to the people who already knew ARK and came, volunteers in Tokyo, foster families and the adopters of ARK animals living in Sendai.

Staff members at Mediatheque and all the people we met in Sendai were gentle and caring people.

We tweeted a couple of times, and detailed report will be in ARK’s newsletter soon.
That is all for today, the report from KK who helped for the last 2days of exhibit. Please check the newsletter coming up!

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