Spiv's health maintenance

"Butchan" whose real name is Spiv has been staying at KK's house because he fell ill last December. But, now he is getting better and he is in tip-top condition.

Here's the link to a former article about him.

His biggest task to overcome was controlling his bowel movements.

Unfortunately, he was born with a handicap where his anus was disconnected from the rectum. He became able to move his bowels by himself after surgery; nevertheless, he tends to be constipated since his anus is still weak when it contracts.

He had taken lots of medicine before, such as laxative, antiflatulent, and functional supplement. His medication time schedule was so complicated. It took almost 3 years for Ark staff to struggle with completing a special well-balanced menu only for Spiv, which is based on dietary therapy.

We perfectly understand that he is cheerful, obedient, friendly to people and dogs, young, and small. However, we could not recommend him to a foster family with confidence under these circumstances. Therefore, he was selected as a sponsor dog.

Absolutely our final goal is to keep 3-years-old Spiv's health until the future. To make finding his foster family easier, we focused on his physical preparation against diseases. We tried to settle his bowel problem and build up his immunity, while reducing some medicines.

In addition, he changed to regular dog food after a discussion with the vet.

At last, he reduced the laxatives in a stepwise manner successfully.
His bowels are at normal condition without the laxative now. Walking hard everyday makes his intestinal peristalsis active and nutritional supplement also makes his bowel movement easier increasing bacteria in intestines.

He could reduce medicine as one step.

It was difficult to switch to a regular dog food after spending 3 years perfecting a special menu.

The new food is “Ultra Premium” by Natural Balance. This food seems to agree with him and meets his nutritional needs. It is balanced and easier for the staff to feed since there is no need to try and make a homemade meal anymore. We are very happy that this food suits Spiv.


We hesitated to let "sheltered" Butchan go out or to a sleepover at someone's place a few months ago. But now, he wants to go in a car when he goes outside of house. He enjoys walking for more than 10km everyday. He sometimes goes out to the city. Furthermore, he runs up the mountain road ahead of all others.

Nowadays we can recommend him to any foster family with confidence because he is easy to care for and is in good physical condition. Of course he is also friendly!

Of course, we would like to find his foster family. However, now we will take care of him responsibly for his sponsors and many people who support him.

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