Popo goes to her foster family

Popo from Rescuing Animal-Hoarding Maltese Dogs got the offer to stay with a foster family (temporary family).

The family who was kindly willing to help is the adopter of Komugi.
They found the phrase “stressed out living in a shelter” in Popo’s profile and applied to help.

We have been trying to let the ones whose stress behavior is getting worse due to life in a shelter get out from the shelter first.
However, if the one looking for a new family lives in foster family’s house, sometimes he/she looses their chance to meet a future adopter visiting the shelter. The situation is different from the ones who are looking for the original guardians such as being rescued from affected area.

But Komugi’s family lives within 30 min. driving distance from ARK. They kindly agreed to the idea to bring Popo to ARK if a future adopter informs us of their visit in advance.

01_popo_1.jpg 02_popo.jpg
At ARK, popo’s stress behavior became worse such as barking or tearing up the newspapers/pet sheets in her cage. At her foster family’s home, she is still a bit nervous, but doesn’t bark, eats well and enjoys being held by the family members.
Her toilet business is almost perfectly done in a house after a couple of failures. She now can do it on a pet sheet wherever she is. Toilet manner would probably be okay even after she is adopted.

On the 3rd day, Popo’s weak point was found. Her stubborn character.
When a boy in the family went to bed with his parents, she barked a lot.
Popo showed that kind of behavior several times after that, but now she beginning to understand her position and is more stable. This is because of the boy’s resolute attitude. We really appreciated it.

This kind of study from a life at home is really a good experience for Popo. It is also great information when we introduce her to a future adopter.

They all are small and adorable Maltese dogs, but are not being adopted that fast these days.
They all are gradually relaxed. They can take walks and sometimes climb up on the laps to get spoiled.
Dogs tend to bark a lot when they are in a big group of dogs. We hope they will find their new homes as early as possible and leave ARK.

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