Your stay at ARK has been quite long, and you are popular with our volunteers, but guess what, Punch and Fubord? Your day has finally come!!

When these fellas were chosen to be rehomed, I was so incredibly happy that I couldn’t stop smiling. I get like this especially when dogs who have been with us for a while or who are rather advanced in years get rehomed.


This dog was always a favorite with ARK’s volunteers, and he could be given to anyone to be walked without any worries. Always gentle and quiet, but with a bit of a piggy appetite, this was one cute old dog.


Fubord always had a different expression of unease on his face. He was a bit of a shy guy so it would take a while for him to warm up to people. But he saved so many of his buddies by giving blood transfusions! Now it’s your turn for happiness, Fubord.


The two adopters were both found through ARK’s Tokyo office. In such a case, we generally send the dogs by plane. Here are Fubord and Punch in the car ready to head off to the airport. You can really see their personalities here – Punch, upset by nothing, relaxed even inside a cage, and Fubord, standing hunched forward, looking a bit uncomfortable.

When a potential adopter lives closer to Tokyo and contacts Tokyo ARK, the animal is chosen through pictures and information from the staff. Most of the time, adopters meet their new animal pal in person for the first time after the animal reaches Tokyo. It takes a lot of courage, decisiveness and a warm, altruistic spirit to complete an adoption this way. A trusting relationship must also be established between the staff and the adopter.

I’d like to extend our sincere thanks to all those people who have adopted an animal from ARK. I’d also like to thank our very own hard-working Tokyo ARK staff, whose skills at setting up adoptions are something I’d like to learn from.


The car is loaded up with the two dogs, ready to go to Itami Airport. It’ll be a while before they reach Haneda Airport and meet the Tokyo ARK staff waiting for them. Be patient and hang in there!

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped with walks, brushing and all the care they needed while they were at ARK.

Finally the day has come where Punch and Fubord can have a home to call their own. I’m sure we’ll soon be receiving news and photos from their adopters about their happy lives in their new homes. Come to ARK any time to hear about how they’re doing. Let’s all share their joy.

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