Cracker Goes to England

Actually, Cracker already found his new home 6 months ago.
But this rehoming needed a lot of time, money and preparation because his new home is in England!
Going through various preparations such as health check up, document application, obtaining pet-passport, he finally left ARK the other day 6 months after the preparation started.

Cracker is one of the many dogs who lived with a homeless man. They were rescued by ARK because some mindless people abused them.
In the beginning, we thought he is not good for adoption due to his bad behavior such as breaking a cage or things in his kennel. However, he became a real gentleman after 3 years at ARK.

Cracker’s adopter is Japanese, but working for Battersea Dogs & Cats Home in England.
ARK sent 8 dogs to Battersea 5 years ago for seeking new chances for these dogs. One of them was adopted by this woman. That dog passed away and she wants to adopt another one from ARK again.

We received the mail about Cracker’s new life in England and would like to share his story here.
Hope it will make you feel happy too♡

“Cracker can relax at home, but once he goes out, he gets nervous a little bit and wants to go home soon.,
My neighborhood is not that busy of an area, no heavy traffic nor busy streets. Even so, compared to the walking course in a quiet mountain area in Nose, it may be a little bit too lively for him.
Yesterday, my colleagues at Battersea kindly took two calm dogs who do not care about other dogs and we took a walk together.
Cracker seemed still not relaxed, but did not get panicked either. After the walk, we all had meal at a garden of the pub.
Cracker looked calm and could greet the waiter by himself. Battersea staff members were impressed.”

Congratulations, Cracker!
You can have your mom all for yourself from now on. Get spoiled and enjoy life in England!!

*These pictures are all taken at ARK.

*Here’s the link to the adoption event Cracker joined.

※ *Knit and Santa are still looking for their new homes!

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