Waiting for new adopters

In the end of last year, we had multiple rescues of puppies.
7 puppies who were rescued from 2 different areas are now living together.

Just a coincidence, but they look alike.

A mother of one group of puppies is friendly and could be rescued together.
She had a collar, so we assumed that she was abandoned. It seems she was a stray dog and got pregnant.

The mother dog of the other group of puppies was very cautious. We tried different ways, but could not rescue her.

Puppies take over their parents behavior. Some come to us and some keep distance from us. They look alike, but their behavior is very different.

We accept their original behavior. And we have to let them have various experiences and make them be able to enjoy their lives with people.
But 7 puppies are a lot. Daily care takes time and not enough time for separate rehabilitation…
But during that time, puppies grow fast and their precious time has gone by.

The most timid one, Georgia was taken back to an ARK staff’s home to be socialized.

On the first day, he was shivering.

201101021127000_1.jpg 201101021151000_1.jpg
201101031251000_1.jpg 201101032228000_1.jpg
There are many steps for rehabilitation. Taking him to the places where there are a lot of people and cars, taking him in the car, walking, etc. all while giving treats is important.

Even in a house, he reacted to small sound or human movement.

But he got along so well with other dog at the staff’s home.
That’s the spirit of a stray’s puppy. Good at adapting to a dog society.

Their character changes while they are growing up.
Georgia seems getting a bit of courage, maybe because he’s been going back to staff’s home.

ARK is limited in what we can do for them.
The fastest way for them is to be adopted as soon as possible, and have a lot of great experience while they are spending time with people as a member of the family.

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