Spiv and Tsugumi

Tsugumi has been staying at KK’s house.
When I foster a dog from ARK, basically “one dog” is allowed as already I have several dogs. (It’s kind of a limit number for giving good care) But this time, Spiv came to live with us too, until his Adopter or Foster family is found.

Check out why Spiv has to be fostered…

Butchan seems to like Tsugumi so much. He friendly licks her, tries to play and shows his love to her everyday.

But Tsugumi is a type of girl who does not want to be with other dogs.
Her only hope is sticking to someone, human only.
She ignored my dogs who came to play with her.
She seemed annoyed by Butchan, but the 9th day of Butchan’s stay, his love succeeded.

Since then, Tsugumi seems she realized how fun it is to play with another dog. She spontaneously wants to play with Butchan.
But she is still a beginner. Sometimes she does it too much and the play becomes a fight.

Butchan is good at hanging out with other dogs, and teaches how to play well.
Tsugumi used to be just quiet and spoiled, but recently she showed her hidden side and new behavior.
She does Play bow.
Well, still looks clumsy…

Maybe “new experience” such as joining Adoption event is one of the triggers.

3 y.o. Butchan who was born with a little disability and Babesiasis, living in animal hospital/rescue shelter, taught Tsugumi who had been chained up outside of an entrance alone until she turned to be 9 y.o, how fun to play with other dogs.

These two seem to play so happily, then Kamome who loves other dogs could not stop herself to join!
Kamome had tried many times to play with Tsugumi and Butchan, and never worked. But finally the time has….!

…not come.

Probably she is big enough to be scared.
Kamome is still 3yo, just wants to play together…

I thought Tsugumi is not interested in other dogs. But that was not true.

I knew that Butchan can get along with other dogs. But I did not know he can be a lovely teacher.

I may have forgotten that dogs, not only Tsugumi and Butchan, have hidden unlimited abilities. Dogs may show their new ability, depending on the dogs/people spending time with, or environment.

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