Little monsters, Kate and Nick

Compared to middle size dogs or big size ones, small dogs are tend to find their adopters easily. Sometimes they are rehomed (meaning, adopted) before they are up on a web page.

But, Kate and Nic have been in ARK for a long time.

Kate is tough, selfish, and picky.
well, in other words, she bites..

But let me explain to her credit, she is so attached to the staff member who is taking care of her. She is obedient and honest, never bites.

And she is very smart.
She recognizes the footsteps of the regular volunteer.
Of course I am sure she can get along with an adopter.

Nic has a strong attitude only when he is in a cage or being with his mom, Kate.
Real Nic is a timid and calm boy who relies on the people near him.

He was a good boy when he came to ARK.
However, the longer he stays at ARK, the worse he behaves.
That’s because of the stress he got.

For Kate and Nic, their real enemy at ARK is me, K.K.
I did not visit them recently, then I was disliked without knowing it ☹
The reason they hate me is that I bringa a big and noisy dog, Ardbeg.
When they notice I am in the room next to theirs, they become noisy.
(Ardbeg already left ARK…., Kate and Nic used to be calm even for being photo taken…)
I wanna cry…

We want them enjoy the life at ARK, want get rid of their stress and want to get connected with them. We try to find the time to be with them in their feeding time or walking them.

But the best solution is that Kate and Nic be rehomed.
We have been waiting for the day that their new families come for them…

Nic also can get along with cats.
Oh, Kaka is much bigger than you…

“I’m also waiting for somebody who picks me up from here. Call meaw!”

You also can donate dog food for Kate and Nic!

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