ARK’s 20th Anniversary Finale Party

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ARK's 20th Anniversary Finale Party was held at Hotel Hankyu International, Umeda OSAKA on 12th Dec 2010.

The finale party started with a congratulatory speech from Simon Fisher the British Consul General. We really had a great, heartwarming, fruitful and memorable night with our 74 “friends” gathering for the party.

Flowers were also received from many people.
The former Home minister Kunio Hatoyama who is very famous as a dog lover gave us a congratulatory telegram.

Also, 4 dogs came from Japan Hearing Dogs for Deaf People to celebrate our anniversary.
Daisuke, the brown long hair dog in the middle, is originally from ARK.
These dogs are all rescued dogs who overcame various issues and their fates.

The representative of Japan Hearing Dogs for Deaf People shared their story about training rescued dogs to become hearing dogs. She also talked about the relationship between ARK and them. Her speech moved me, and I am sure everyone at the party felt the same.

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Great food and beautiful piano music made the party special, and we all could talk and know each other more.

Many of ARK’s volunteers also attended.
We see them mostly in muddy doggy smelling clothes, but they all were dressed up at the party. I (aka K.K.) admired them in beautiful dress and kimono. They all were stunning!

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Status update of Sanctuary was reported there.
Charity raffle (JP page only)and Auction made a big success. Your kind donation helped the Sanctuary project go another step forward.
Panel exhibit displayed “The plan for Sanctuary”, “20 years history of ARK” and 3stories from this blog.

Quiz was placed on each table. That was “Quiz rally for 20 years history”. But we forgot to show the answers for these questions. Please check it here for the answers.

Q&A for 20years ARK history

This day was also Ms.Oliver’s birthday. We gave her bouquet as surprise present and sang her Happy birthday.

We would like to thank Hotel Hankyu International for supporting us in many ways. Our preparation was tense and not so perfect. Sometimes abrupt changes happened, but thanks to their support, we could have this wonderful party.

We greatly appreciated that we could have our 20th anniversary party at this wonderful hotel with first class hotel service.

We also thank all the people who joined the party and joined the raffle though postal giro.

We, all the ARK staff members, will work together to follow Ms. Oliver who started this from nothing until now. We will keep doing our best for animal’s bright future. Thank you for your continuous support.

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