ARK’s Report

Sorry it took us soooooo long to update the blog…
This is a report of the previous week of Nov. 29, 2010.


Visla jumping on the table and toward the open window almost gave us a heart attack at Adoption event in Oct. She was adopted and left ARK. Her new family is a married couple who likes walking dogs and can handle her problem behavior (i.e. jumping everywhere! Trying to run away!) with a strong will. We were happy to take her to these reliable guardians.
Visla, don’t be difficult for your new daddy & mommy.
Be sure to listen to your big sister Kabu!

And one of the cats who was rescued from Izumi-shi, Gonzo also found his new family. Gonzo is the one who has allergies and has a weak constitution, and vaccinations had been postponed.
His eyes were swollen with itchiness, medication was a must and prescription food was also necessary to avoid stomachache. Honestly, we thought his rehoming was only a dream.

We are relieved because his adopter is a vet nurse and perfect for him.
We believe that his allergic condition will be better once he starts the life in his new family, relaxed and without stress.

There are many animals who cannot solve their health issue or problem behavior due to the stress from the life in shelter.Gonzo and Visla are our rising stars!

Then , we quickly started tearing down Visla’s kennel.
Kennels are to be rebuilt for the repair work of drainpipes.
Facilities are aging everywhere in ARK which becomes 20 years old this year.
Maintenance staff members try to reduce the cost and recycle the stuff as much as possible, but still big amount of money needed…

Gee….. we desperately need kennels as many as possible for accepting rescued animals, but no choice..
We staff members are so happy to see the animals leaving ARK. On the other hand, we still are at a loss about the animals that keeping coming and are waiting for space to get in.

Many animals have been the victims of the recession these days.

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