Yes, it’s true.
Ardbeg, who was temporarily fostered at KK’s house, has found a new family!

Actually, he had experienced a trial period at a different home before this.
Unfortunately, he and the family were not compatible and their lifestyles didn’t really match, so he was returned to us.
Ard was quite attached to that potential foster family and the family members did their very best for him too, but unfortunately, they had no other choice but to make this difficult decision.

(As a basic rule, ARK does not usually allow a trial period, but in special cases, trial periods are allowed.)

                (This photo shows the late Koruri, and Ard is on the far left.)

Ard became emotionally unstable after he was returned to us and problematic behavior began to surface due to separation anxiety. It wasn’t the fault of the family he spent the trial period with, but for Ard, having to move around from here to there just because of what we humans decided for him turned his insecurities and dissatisfaction into emotional dependence.

In our efforts to provide the best chance for him to be rehomed, we put him through an unnecessary experience, but we couldn’t have predicted this outcome.
It wouldn’t have been a problem for a dog that was sociable and could easily adapt to new surroundings, but Ard is a sensitive and temperamental dog, and the shock was tremendous for him.

He's not really dog-like, but rather complex and so is uniquely appealing. There was the option of Ard becoming a full-time member of KK’s family, but we can’t say that he was really compatible with our dogs, so we’re very thankful to the family who offered to take him in. We didn’t want to further confuse him by moving him around just because it’s convenient for humans.

We no longer have anything to worry about.
We firmly believe that Ard has finally found his place.

However, Ard still doesn’t quite comprehend his new living situation and is in the midst of his transition period. His foster family is trying to help him to settle in and their deep affection and strong will are sure to help ease his transition.

This one photo was taken the day Ard finally met his foster family.
Ard’s standoffishness makes us smile.
Sorry we made you go through all this, but now you can rest assured that you’ve found your forever home.

We thank all of you who sent encouraging messages to Ard, and we pray that he will quickly understand and accept his surroundings so that he can live comfortably and peacefully.

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