The 2010 Animal Welfare Festa

We went to the 2010 Animal Welfare Festa on Sunday 7 November.
The event is held by NPO Doubutsu Aigo wo Suishou Suru Kai (an NPO Promoting Animal Welfare), Takatsuki Veterinary Association, and Takatsuki city every year. This year, about 11 (I think it was 11...) animal welfare organisations that are based in Osaka participated.
Butchan and Mochi represented ARK at the event.
They had a sleepover at KK's home the day before, and went to join the event in their best condition.
Here is the report.

20101107s1.jpg 20101107s3.jpg
20101107s2.jpg 20101107s5.jpg
We decided just the day before to let Mochi (Butchan's roommate) join the event.

He was nervous, though he started to show off his "sit" and "wait" skills and proudly asked for treats from children.
When he was given a treat, he would gently take it from their hands, without jumping up onto people out of being excited and happy (like Butchan); Mochi is a calm gentle dog who was popular with people.

He was so popular, someone wanted to take him home, but was disappointed to find that they couldn’t take him home that day....

20101107s6.jpg 20101107s9.jpg
20101107s7.jpg 20101107s01.jpg
Butchan seemed so happy to be there; he was wagging his tail at dogs and people.
There were people there who had read the ARK Tails blog and came to see him.
They told us that he was much cuter in person (in dog!) than in his photos.

He was reunited with the vets from the animal hospital where he stayed when he was a puppy, and was able to show them how far he’s come in terms of learning to fit into society and enjoy his life outside of isolation.
Butchan also remembered them and was just so happy to be around them.

We hope this occasion will be an opportunity for more people to show an interest in becoming a sponsor.
It would be even better if we could find a foster family for them....

Ah, and there were some other happy encounters for the kids at ARK who are waiting and hoping to find a foster family.

Mochi also met some people who may be interested in becoming his foster family☆

"Let's sleep for now and wait for the good news."

Yep, let's go to bed early today...

We’d like to thank all the ARK supporters who help us with daily chores and events, thank you very much for also helping us on this day!
Your help is very important and precious to us!!!
(We couldn’t do what we do without our supporters, and we look forward to working with you again and again~)

Osaka ARK Adoption Event in Kobe
Date:14 November 2010 (Sun) 12:00-16:00
Location:GREEN DOG SQUARE(グリーンドッグスクエア)

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