Butchan is a precious little boy

Spiv is a sponsored dog, and everybody calls him Butchan.
Butchan gets along well with other dogs, and he’s a very friendly and happy boy who will be 3 years old soon.
When he was younger, he was bit picky and he would panic about changes in his surroundings.

His current roommate is Mochi.
He’s young, cute and has a small frame, so it shouldn’t be difficult for him to find a new home. Why has he not found a foster family? Why has he ended up as a sponsored dog?

We wanted to give him the experience of a short sleepover the other day, so we took him home with us after work and brought him back to ARK the next morning.

Why did we do this?
I’ll tell you why we decided to do it.

Butchan warmed up to KK's husband right away even though it was the first time they’d met.

Butchan came to ARK when he was just a puppy. He has a condition in which his anus is detached from his rectum.
Through surgical procedure, he’s able to poop, though his anus is less controlled and sensitive than dogs without this kind of condition, and sometimes poops can get backed up and then pour out.
However, if his poop hardens too much, he can’t poop it out and this can cause a serious problem.
He takes stool softener every day, and he has to eat Hill's i/d canned wet food (it has to be a large can because he gets diarrhoea with smaller cans - it must be a slight difference in the formulation) and Hill's dry food for puppies.
After trial and error, this menu was found to be the most suitable for his diet, and it has been set for him.

He was able to pee on his own.

Another obstacle is that he is a carrier of Babesia.

Canine Babesiosis is a tick-borne disease caused by a protozoan blood parasite called Babesia.
It can cause complications such as anaemia; currently there is no cure and it’s impossible to completely eradicate the parasite from the system.
What’s more, even if the symptoms don’t appear, if the dog’s immune system is weakened or the body undergoes any stress, it can recur.

Butchan only knows his dog enclosure at ARK and the hospital, but he jumped onto this bench with no problem.
Eh... well we’ve got a rule that no dogs are allowed up there …

We’ve been monitoring Butchan carefully, trying to avoid stressful situations so that his immune system isn’t weakened and Babesia won’t be triggered.
We try to avoid anything that could possibly be stressful to him by locating him in an enclosure where only people he knows come by, putting him in a nice, dry hospital crate when it rains, and not to taking him into new or unfamiliar environments.

Butchan jumps onto our entertainment centre without a moment’s hesitation.
We were pleasantly surprised and kept on snapping photos.

He generally has a good time at ARK - he looks forward to his daily walk, staff and volunteers visit him and play with him, and he plays with other dogs.

But is his isolated life giving him the happiness and the quality of life he deserves?
I think he shouldn’t settle just for happiness in his isolated life but also outside of it, and hope to find his own loving family.

He was really curious about the TV.

Even if Butchan doesn’t find a permanent home, he should be able to enjoy going to events, having sleepovers at the homes of staff, and going out in general.
But then again, is he satisfied with his current life?
And even if he is rehomed, managing his condition is not easy and we worry that he may get easily stressed after being adopted.

Butchan got a fright when the TV screen was turned off and switched instead to the sound system for music. Here he is peaking at the TV from a safe distance.

We have discussed Butchan on different occasions with staff from the clinic and those who are assigned to take care of him. Everyone is worried about him; he required so much care and attention when he was a small puppy.

We started with a day trip to go out and about, and to see people and society.
It went very well. He enjoyed everything that he saw for the first time, and he didn’t get stressed by all the stimuli of big city life.

No abnormalities have been found in his routine blood tests, and he even seems to enjoy visiting the hospital where he spent many months when he was a small puppy.

And here is the next step: to have an experience of sleeping over at a regular household.
KK took him home after work and came back to work the next morning with him.

My goal is the Animal Welfare Festa at Momozono Elementary School, Takatsuki city, Osaka on 7th of November.

We’ll have him sleep over at KK's home the day before, and then he’ll go to the event to meet people and enjoy their company and warmth.
We hope to find Butchan a foster family or at least a sponsor.
If you are interested in Butchan, please come to animal welfare festa to meet him.

***2010 Animal Welfare Festa***
 Date: 7 November 2010 (Sun) 10:00~15:00
 Location: At the playground and gym of Momozono Elementary School, Takatsuki city, Osaka

For details on how to become a sponsor, please click
How to become a sponsor

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