Halloween BBQ Party

On 31 October (Sun), we had our Halloween BBQ party at ARK's future location, where the new sanctuary will be.
The weather forecast was not looking too good due to a typhoon approaching us, but the forecast had changed for the better the day before and there even was a sunny symbol, so we were not too worried.
And also the bad weather could just clear up.
However, we weren’t so lucky this time...

You can see a group of umbrellas, and you may not see much rain there, but it was raining quite a bit even during this photo session.
Before the party started, the rain would stop here and there, and the sky even revealed glimpses of light blue...

20101031e.jpg 20101031c.jpg
20101031g.jpg 20101031f.jpg
Our original plan was to interview participants of the parade as well as those in costume, but it wasn’t really possible in this rain.
So we decided to change our plan and start serving food.
We had Ms. Oliver's homemade lamb and roast beef, Ms. Oliver's special dip, salad, and baked potatoes.
The foster family of Binky, who volunteer at ARK on a regular basis, also helped us out with ethnic stir-fried noodles.

20101031b.jpg 20101031i.jpg
20101031h.jpg 20101031k.jpg
We’d like to thank all the people who gathered with warm hearts in this bad weather.
Cold rain that never seemed to stop made us feel guilty, but everyone’s warm smiles made the food taste even more delicious and things became really good fun.
The dogs were having fun running around in the dog run - they didn't mind about the rain at all.

And when it was the time for the costume contest, making a decision among all the unique and cute costumes was just difficult.

20101031d.jpg 20101031a.jpg
20101031j.jpg 20101031l.jpg
For the "Oliver Prize," Ebisu's sponsor trio was chosen. They visit ARK once every couple of weeks to see the animals and keep the dogs company.
For the "Best Halloween Prize," Zara, who became an Afro dog, was chosen. Zara was bit startled by his own sudden transition to a whole new image.
For "ARK Tail Prize," Sasuke and Happeny’s family was chosen. Their idea of dressing up as their dogs because the dogs refused to wear costumes, was brilliant.
The winners of the "Oliver Prize" and "Best Halloween Prize" got some ARK merchandise, and the winners of the "ARK Tail Prize" get their photos featured in our blog entry. See!

The other costumes were all interesting and very well put together, and it was unfortunate that we couldn’t have our parade.
We were waiting for the rain to stop so we could go ahead with the parade, but the weather just wasn’t in our favour that day.
Such a pity – but one of our staff went ahead with a "solo parade" in the rain...

The ARK 20th Anniversary Photo Exhibition at Tenkachaya, Osaka is open till tomorrow. Please click for details →Gallery Ashitanohako

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