Adoption Event at Field Note ☆ Report

This is a report on an adoption event that took place at Field Note on 17 October (Sun).
An exhibition of photographs by Kyoko Harada took place at the same time.
This was taken before people came for the event ~♪

20101017s5.jpg 20101017okota_s.jpg
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Well, at this adoption event, we had no applicants for fostering.
Usually, even if we don’t have any foster families decided on the spot, we usually get some positive feedback such as people being interested in visiting ARK later.
This time was unusual and we didn’t get any enquiries about fostering.

However, all hail Field Note, a lot of ARK supporters came by with donations of supplies and to give us moral support.

And we were able to see the sides of the dogs that we don’t normally see at ARK.

How were they...??

Jex ♂

We had Jex join us because we wanted to let people know how wonderful senior dogs can be.
Even though he was surrounded by strangers in a new environment, he was very calm. It must have been his old age.
He doesn’t have any health problems and he’s a very obedient dog. He comes highly recommended.
His only weakness is that he’s not keen on lightning.

Cracker ♂

Cracker destroyed the cage he was put in when he was rescued by ARK.
Cracker doesn’t get along well with other dogs and so lives alone in a dog enclosure.
He barks at strangers who pass by his enclosure, so we’ve placed him away from areas where people walk past.

But in fact, he actually loves people, he’s very affectionate, and he doesn’t have bad habits like pulling on the lead when we take him for a walk.
We really wanted to give him a chance, so we brought him along this time.

We thought it would be ok if a member of staff stayed with him to pay extra attention to him and the other dogs.

20101017jex_s.jpg 20101017s1.jpg
20101017cracker_s.jpg 20101017okota_s2.jpg
But when other dogs came to rub up against him or to sniff his behind, he didn’t mind at all. Okota bit him twice, but he didn't let that bother him either.
And to top it off, even though he was in a new environment for the first time, he was relaxing with his belly up.

He was crying in his crate on the way there and back, but he calmed down after a while and he didn’t damage the crate.

We found out that Cracker is a much easier dog to live with than we first thought.

Okota ♂

Okota is still new at ARK, so we haven’t had a chance to get to know him that well just yet.
He’s a very good dog, but he seems very inexperienced and seems to bark at anything, really.
He barked a lot on this day as usual.

It isn't always good to give a dog attention, care and concern just because he’s barking, so we thought we’d try different approach in handling his barking.

Well, he barked a lot and went for a walk, so he definitely burned more calories than usual. Perhaps it was good for his diet!

Hana ♀

Hana was such a good girl.
Many Shiba dogs can be bit prickly, but she’s a very calm, gentle girl.
She was sweet with little children and friendly to everyone.

She has a heart condition and takes medication on a regular basis, but this doesn’t limit her activities and she leads a normal life. The medication is also preventative, so there’s not much to worry about if you are interested in becoming her foster family.

We staff really hope that she’ll find a foster family before the cold weather comes to Nose - it can be very difficult to bear.

Punba ♂

When Punba was returned to ARK, he panicked and became depressed.
We were a bit worried about him being in an unfamiliar environment, surrounded by people. He was a little scared, but stayed calm. He didn’t get startled when strangers petted him or when little children were being loud and active around him.
He wasn’t able to eat there though...

He has no problem taking a walk in residential areas, so we have no worries about sending him to a foster family. However, it’s a little challenging to find a foster family who’ll see his true charms hidden underneath his shyness.

Pauline ♀

Pauline participated in an adoption event this past spring, but no potential foster families have shown interest in her...

At the moment, she lives with Punba at ARK, and at the adoption event she didn’t leave Punba's side.
They’re so good together, we were saying that it would be such a great thing if they found a foster family that would take both of them.

20101017pumba_s2.jpg 20101017pauline_s2.jpg
20101017pumba_3.jpg 20101017s4.jpg
We would like to thank Field Note who has ARK Support Fair twice a year.
Thank you very much.

We feel lucky enough to be given an opportunity to raise awareness of ARK’s work and to be given a place for animals to seek their chance for a warm home, but the staff were also provided with delicious bread and cakes, and a place to take a break. We cannot thank you enough for your kindness.
Usually at adoption events, we have to take a break or eat something in the car on the way there or back, but this time we were treated so well and felt very special!

And we would like to thank all those who made a donation; we appreciate it more than words can express.

We strongly believe that our future events in support of ARK will help our animals at ARK to have a warm, happy future. ☆

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