On a walk with Noah...

Noah’s a 6-year-old, cuddly-as-a-muffin male dog. I’d say he’s about as big as a smaller sized Golden Retriever. He’s been here at ARK for over two years, but he still hasn’t met his special someone.
At first, Noah was unwilling to go for walks with people he didn’t know, simply out of shyness, but now he happily goes with first-time volunteers.


Here’s Noah on a walk. He couldn’t care less about the other dogs going by.
At ARK, there are lots of dogs full with stress that has built up over time. They may be stressed for various reasons, including separation from the owners they loved, coming from an abusive background, or not being well-socialized. As a result, there are quite a few dogs who bark at other dogs, or get excited or aggressive upon seeing other dogs.
But I guess Noah’s just a pacifist at heart! Forever a happy-go-lucky guy.

Before, Noah was always pulling on his leash really hard, making it difficult to take him on a walk. But now, he’s as calm as you see in the picture and it’s a cinch for him to trot along properly beside whoever is walking him.
Because he’s having so much fun, he walks almost as if he’s skipping, all the while looking up at my face.
It’s always a real a pleasure to walk with Noah, just to see the happiness on his face.

One small problem Noah has is his excitement when visitors come by. He’s so thrilled to see someone that he jumps up on them a bit. With a dog as big as Noah, this can be a little dangerous. There’s even been an incident in which a volunteer was hurt.
Now Noah is getting training to overcome this jumping habit. Just as he quit pulling on the leash, we have a feeling he’ll be quick to catch on with the jumping too. Let’s just hope an owner comes by to scoop up this great dog soon!

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