Adoption Event at George

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The Osaka branch of George held their second adoption event on 2 October (Sun).

The first adoption event was delayed due to unexpected traffic, so this time we arrived early, before the shop opened. We went to a nearby park called Utsubo Park for a walk and lunch.

We played in the water fountain and ate under the trees. Dogs look so vibrant in photos with green grass in the background♪

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Later, the adoption event started.

There were some couples who were interested in becoming a foster family, but unfortunately matters such as restrictions on the size of dogs allowed in their apartment, or the fact that they didn’t have a car, so would have to use their bicycle to take the dog to the vet became an obstacle for them. But they did like our dogs very much.

Visla was such a good girl in the crate on both the rides going there and back.
At the adoption event, she was very affectionate and playful with people, and she enjoyed playing with toys.
She can move so lightly - she can jump on a table easily, and she was trying to jump over the fence. We had to keep our eye on her. When she jumped up on a table in front of the window that was open for air, our heart almost stopped.

Perhaps it would be better for her to find a foster family who live in an apartment building than a house with a garden (though we must be careful that she doesn’t jump off the balcony). She is just as light as a feather and can leap so easily...

Tany got too excited and bit Popo, ex-ARK dog who came by to play. So he had to wear a lead when other dogs were around. He was a good boy playing with Winky, who he hardly knew.

Tany is rather reserved when he’s at ARK, and gets pushed around by his roommate Visla, but today he was different. He held his head up high and confident at Utsubo Park and on a busy street. At the adoption event, he was just very affectionate towards people, asking them to pet him. Modest, affectionate Tany with his soft fur was a popular boy.

Someone really liked Tany and wanted to become his foster family, though it didn’t come to fruition because they had 3 cats. Tany isn't really good with cats...

Ardbeg was following our staff member KK around as usual, but he did start to show some interest in other people, too. He gets a bit excited when he sees men, as he used to be rather scared of them. Whenever he heard "welcome" from downstairs, he started to greet people who were coming up the stairs with his wagging tail.

He showed off his favourite winding dance, passing wind fearlessly (pardon him but it’s true!). Despite his handsome looks, he revealed his baby-like qualities and didn’t hold anything back.

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Winky was rather hyper - he was playing with toys, playing with Tany, playing with people's hands, and playing with shoe laces... Just full of energy and playing non-stop.

Some people got a bit discouraged by his hyper behaviour, though when he was pulling Tany's lead playing "let's go for a walk", he brought smiles and laughter to all of us.
He’s not a timid dog. He’s very friendly and comes highly recommended, but he’s still not found a foster family. I wonder why?

Those of you who came to join us on the day, I would like to thank you and also to invite you to visit us at ARK. I am sure you will find The One for you. 200 dogs and 150 cats will be waiting for you!

And foster families of ARK animals who came to join us, thank you very much for coming with your cute little ones!

9 October 2010 Update

Winky now has his foster home☆
A family who visited us at George came to ARK, met other dogs as well and chose Winky.
Winky will be staying at ARK a bit longer until his foster family prepare their home to welcome Winky.

Won’t you join us at the Halloween BBQ Party?
Date: October 31 (Sunday) 14:00-17:00
Venue: Planned location of new ARK facility in Sasayama City, Hyogo Prefecture


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