Good Bye and Thank You, Koruri

This is my personal news. My beloved dog Koruri has passed away, gone over the rainbow. I contemplated whether or not I should post this on the ARK blog, but Koruri had served as a trainer and helped rehabilitate ARK dogs with behavioral problems, and she made an appearance on the ARK blog from time to time. If Koruri disappeared from the ARK blog with no explanation, our readers and supporters might have wondered what happened to her, so I decided to post my personal news here on the blog.

The cause of her death was heat stroke. The weather had been cooling off, but that day it had gotten a bit hot again, and she fainted during her walk that morning. The temperature outside before we went for the walk was 26 ℃, she had a wet bandana around her neck just in case, and as usual we would stop for water during our walk.
The two other dogs who were with us that day didn’t show any signs of abnormality, and Koruri was also fine until the very moment she fainted. She was rushed to the hospital and received treatment, but she quietly passed away on the morning of the third day. She was 5 years and 8 months old.

Our house has with air conditioning 24 hours a day, and our dogs live inside the house.
She had survived right through this summer's heat wave without getting sick, she showed no irregularities the day before or in the morning of that day, and she had no problem with her appetite or with going to toilet. Ever since she came to join our family when she was 4 months old, she never had any health problems and she was a completely healthy girl.

This is just an assumption after all this happened, but we think the abnormal reading in her liver and kidneys that showed up in a blood test when she was hospitalised for heat stroke may have had something to do with triggering the heat stroke.

Rapid changes in temperature may be have played a role. Our vet told us that no matter what precautions you take to prevent it, when it happens, it happens.

We have three other dogs besides Koruri.
Kamome is a Great Dane who is prone to potentially fatal conditions such as gastric volvulus and stroke. Rega, our Weimaraner, is a sickly dog, and Michiru is ten years old. We would be mentally prepared if anything happened to them. But Koruri was young and had no health issues - how can her life be taken away by heat stroke? My husband and I are simply shocked and still cannot believe it. Others who took a walk with us that day were all fine, even without any sign of tiredness. How could this happen to Koruri...?
No matter how much I think of her, she’s no longer here with us. I will have to accept that no matter how long it takes. I just can’t mourn her passing enough, but I have to move forward. I hope all of you are able to cherish every moment you have with your loved ones so that you won’t be left with so much sadness when you suddenly have to say goodbye.

ARK has lost an excellent trainer in the rehabilitation of dogs with behavioural problems, and the loss is tremendous. She had the instinct of a trainer in giving guidance to others. She was wonderful and very reliable. Now that we’ve lost her, our home can no longer serve as a "tiger's den."

Koruri's name came from the little blue bird "Koruri." And just like her name, she brought so much happiness to many dogs and foster families.

I would like to thank Koruri for contributing so much to help ARK dogs for rehabilitation. Koruchin, thank you so much for everything.

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