Snow White and the 5 Puppies

Snow White came to ARK about a year ago.
According to the person who rescued her, she was abandoned with her 5 puppies in front of a house.

A rusty chain was attached to her raggedy red leather collar, and from her long, unclipped nails we could tell that she’d been chained up for a long time

When Snow White was rescued, she was suffering from severe anaemia, abdominal dropsy (fluid retention in the abdomen), and a severe case of filaria.

No matter how many times we drained her stomach, fluid would soon return, and her anaemia did not show much sign of improvement despite prolonged treatment. This was because she was sacrificing her own health to take care of her 5 puppies.

After her puppies had left her, people thought that she couldn’t get along with other dogs, so she spent her days alone.

Snow White’s enclosure was right by the entrance to ARK, and a lot of people would walk by and/or peek in. She’s scared of men she doesn’t know and so she was living under stress every day.

Recently, one of our staff suggested that we keep her in the office, and we decided to give the idea a shot.
We thought she wasn’t too fond of other dogs, but it seems she doesn’t really mind them. Since she’s been going out for walks with other dogs and has been spending time in the office, she’s found it easier to get along with other dogs, even those we thought were going to be tricky.
In the beginning, she was very sick and was taking care of her growing puppies – perhaps her nervousness and general attitude were self-defence mechanisms.

Now she gets the most comfortable spot in the office and is turning into a cute couch potato.

When she was first rescued, we estimated her to be about 10 years old, but she may be younger than that...
The sparkle in her warm, black eyes is not typical of a senior dog.
Perhaps illness and stress can also make a dog age faster?
Snow White is a tough lady, who is elegant, modest and quiet.

Living in the office is not so bad, but we really would love to see you finding your own loving family, Snow White!

ARK Osaka Adoption Event in Kobe
Date:18 September 2010 (Sat) 12:00-16:00
Location:GREEN DOG SQUARE(グリーンドッグスクエア)

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