Silky and Shibu

A group of primary school students applied and became the foster family of kittens that were seeking foster homes on the Internet. Of course they didn’t tell their parents.

They received a cage with 3 kittens at a nearby park, and tried to keep them on their own, but they were quickly caught.
The kids lived in an apartment complex that didn’t allow pets, and someone was also allergic to cats. They couldn’t even keep the kittens temporarily, and they had to hand them over to the police.
So their parents contacted ARK.

These kittens shouldn’t have been handed over to the children, but that’s another matter, which we’ll discuss some other time. These kittens, born to a stray mother, were named Shibu, Silky, and Seeley. They were already 4 months old, so their time to be socialised had already passed a while ago.
They came to ARK in a rabbit cage covered with their own poop and pee, and they were huddled tightly together out of fear for their safety because they had gone through so many changes in their environment.

Seeley is doing a little better in terms of adjusting – he isn’t friendly to everyone but he has gotten used to people a lot and is now living separately from the other two at our other cat enclosure. However, Shibu and Silky are still on the defensive side when it comes to people.

Fortunately, they’ve been able to start adjusting to life at ARK and to the staff who are taking care of them - though sometimes when I peak into the cage, their expression freezes.

Even though we tell foster family applicants, “when they get used to their environment, they play with their toys and they’re really adorable,” it’s not very convincing when they hide in front of them or show people their defensive side...

So we wanted to show the world the adorable side of these kittens when they put their guard down. The staff who take care of them took some photos and videos of them.

Like this one of Shibu...

And this one of Silky...

And here’s a video clip!
We’re waiting for your request to become their foster family!!!

[広告 ] VPS

[広告 ] VPS

ARK 20th Anniversary Photo Exhibition in Umeda
Date: September 3 (Fri) - September 5 (Sun)
Time: 9:00-20:00 (Photographs can be viewed at other times as well)
Place: The concourse of Hankyu Dentetsu Umeda Station, between the Big Man (large-screen TV) and Kinokuniya bookstore.

Things needed at ARK (Things we are short of...)
Things to clean Dachshunds' ears
 ・Zymox Otic Ear Protector
 ・Epiotic Ear Wash Liquid
Important for protection at this time of year:
 ・Cat Frontline
 ・Dog and Cat Frontline Spray

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