Socializing Kittens

Animals come to ARK for a variety of reasons.
From spring to summer in particular, we are inundated with requests to take in kittens.

It's said that kittens learn socialization skills between 3 and 8 weeks of age.
One important part of our job is to socialize kittens around this age so that they can live stress-free lives alongside people.

Some kittens who were born to stray cats and have inherited their parents' temperament can be very wary and aggressive. If someone is nearby, these kittens get scared of being in such close confinement.

We give the kittens plenty of different experiences and we pet them as often as we can. If we’re working on other things we’ll often hold them on our laps, have someone they are unfamiliar with play with them, or take them to rooms they’ve not been to before. All the staff try to find time in between tasks to help socialize the kittens.

They get along with the staff assigned to them, but if they show fear when they're moved to a different room or if they hide from someone they don't know, then it's very difficult to find them a home. Our goal is not for them to spend their lives at ARK but to find their own special family. We want them all to have a happy ending.

Many kittens who are already past the age of socialization come to ARK. They will hide when people come to see them. Some won't allow us to trim their claws or give them medical treatment, or will become upset when we pet them on certain parts of their body. Despite the guarantee of food and safety, some kittens remain scared when people call out to them or come close to them wondering what will happen, and these kittens struggle to lead happy lives.

We want to give the kittens as many experiences as possible so that they can grow up to be friendly cats who trust people and who'll be able to leave ARK for happy homes as soon as possible!

ARK 20th Anniversary Photo Exhibit in Umeda

Date: September 3 (Fri) - September 5 (Sun)
Time: 9:00-20:00 (Photographs can be viewed at other times as well)
Place: Concourse of Hankyu Dentetsu Umeda Station in between the Big Man (large-screen TV) and the Kinokuniya bookstore.

Things needed at ARK (things we are short of...)
Things to clean the Dachshunds' ears:
 ・Zymox Otic Ear Protector
 ・Epiotic Ear Wash Liquid
Important for protection at this time of year:
 ・Cat Frontline
 ・Dog and Cat Frontline Spray

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