The New Disciple, Ardbeg

The black lab on the right is old lady Michiru from KK's house.
But is that Weimaraner on the left Rega from KK's house?
No - Rega has fallen in with an evil organization led by that man jogging with dogs in the background.

Who on Earth are you?

Perhaps you'd already noticed, but it's Ardbeg, a new disciple at KK's house.

ARK was consulted about him, but there were no openings in the dog enclosures and the capacity for dogs had been reached, so he went to KK's house.
Sensitive and delicate dogs like Ard-kun aren't very well suited to the group life at ARK, anyway, and often feel poorly or develop problem behaviors. There was the problem of "What will I do if he doesn't get on with my own dogs?" but I had to give him a chance based on information from his previous owner.

At first, he couldn't keep up on walks, his paw pads got all scratched up, and he growled about how much he didn't trust us.

He was beloved in his former home, but he was also spoiled, so he's very stubborn when he doesn't get his way; barking and pushing, and when he doesn't like something, he growls and bites to resist it. He's lived like that for eight years, so he was perplexed that we don't give in to him.

A month has passed since he came to our house.
Vaccinations and neutering are finally over, and he's settled down mentally. The photo shows him doing his customary snaky dance, which he does after walks or when he's in a good mood.

He has funny, human-like mannerisms, and despite being an old dog he seeks affection; when he looks at me with his adorable eyes, I almost give in and spoil him, but I must take hold of myself and help him regain his dogginess, so he can live happily with a new family.

It's hard to find someone who will adopt an 8-year-old large breed dog, but I believe he can find a new life. He has that right and he has a chance.

Things needed at ARK (things we are short of...)
Things to clean the Dachshunds' ears:
 ・Zymox Otic Ear Protector
 ・Epiotic Ear Wash Liquid
Important for protection at this time of year:
 ・Cat Frontline
 ・Dog and Cat Frontline Spray

ARK 20th Anniversary Photo Exhibit in Umeda

Date: September 3 (Fri) - September 5 (Sun)
Time: 9:00-20:00 (Photographs can be viewed at other times as well)
Place: Concourse of Hankyu Dentetsu Umeda Station in between the Big Man (large-screen TV) and the Kinokuniya bookstore.

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